Friday, February 26, 2010


Planning on doing a little shopping this weekend (actually for myself) and found a few sales worth mentioning. Really hoping snow doesn't ruin our plans.

JCPenny and Kohl's also sent out very promising ads for this weekend. also has free shipping...always a plus if snow keeps you from venturing out.

The funniest thing every is watching this little birdy search for her toy. She found it under the desk! Occasionally the toy will be too far under the desk, or the couch, or changing table or something and she'll try to squeeze her little body under to retrieve the toy. I absolutely am blessed to be able to watch her play and develop each and everyday.

Picture of the Day

Finally got a picture of her standing!

Love to everyone and have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who ever is praying for snow...please stop

I have so much to do in the next few days....does it need to be snowing????? Warm weather is so much easier to do things in. Getting groceries is a hassle in itself. Throw in a little snow and below freezing temperatures and it's downright exhausting. Getting through the next few months is extra challenging for me this year, because I to take Molly on walks, go to parks, and visit shops so badly. I was confined to our apartment all last summer due to Molly's horrible, cranky, colicy state. I just can't wait to show her things....things outside!

Surviving Winter.

As I dance around my kitchen with my little birdy tight in my arms to Brown Eyed Girl, even the bittereness of the winter can't touch us....for just a few minutes. Music is our survival.

Surviving Cabin Fever.

When it's too early for bed, yet to late too do anything, we turn into something I do not recognize. Silliness turns into ridiculousness. Being ridiculous is our survival.

Surviving the need to eat everything.

I don't know why, but winter makes me eat a lot more than summer does. Time to pull out the bathing suit and hang it from the refrigerator...that should be enough motivation, right? Motivation is our survival.

I'm not quite sure where this blog is going, but I have about a minute left of baby einstein. (i was lazy this morning and tried sleeping in) Hopefully, this whole winter thing wraps up soon or a vacation may be the last resort, because i'm all out of survival techniques.

Picture of the Day

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday, I finally moved the furniture back into our bedroom. A few more things to hang on the walls and that room is officially done, which greatly excites me! For me, seeing the final product is very rewarding. I have to admit, I am the kind of person who usually doesn't finish a project much less starts one. I have a hard time visualizing the outcome. When my husband and I first started searching for our home, the color of walls would rule out the house entirely. I had to put a lot of trust in him. We did find our perfect dwelling place and after doing a little fixin' upin' or more like personalizing, I have to admit, I've begun to actually like the little projects. I used to be the "if you can by it, why make it?" but i'm verging to "I can do that." My new favorite magazine, "This Old House." Seriously. So with motivation to press on ward, I've begun the third room. The cluttered room. The I'll-put-this-here-for-now room.

The before pictures

Really not sure which is scarier; the paint or the closet? I'll keep you all updated on my progess!

 Darling daughter is progressing forward towards the walking stage, which terrifies the crap out of her papa, and stands on her own now, more frequently. It's the funniest thing I've ever got the pleasure to witness. She will hold a toy in one hand and then reach for a toy with the other, letting go of her safe guard (usually her play bench thingy). And then she'll just stand there with the little toys tucked under her arm pits at a half squating position. More recentally, the little stink-ette will be playing at her changing table and let go. Her stance resembles an old man or a kangaroo. But her face is pure determination. No pictures standing yet, but these are priceless.

She cracks me up.

She was sitting here, like a sweet angel, watching Baby Einstein. I quickly snuck off to brush my teeth, only to return and catch her nibbling on my jumbo size, sam's club box of trash bags. The days of quick trips to the bathroom are over. She has proven untrustable. It's hard to imagine just a few short months ago she merely laid on her belly, unable to put herself in harm's way. As with anything, there are pros and cons with this whole mobile thing. For one, she entertains the crap out of her papa. I love to see their interaction. She gave him a full, actual hug for the first time last night. It's hard to find Marshal choked up; he usually laughs off those kinds of moments. But I might have seen a little bit of emotion, if not just for a second. Getting to this happy little place was a hard, bumpy, European-style road with European cab drivers. I'm sure he remembered for a second the feeling from back in the hospital when he, alone, stood by her crib, with one hand on her head and the other on her little diapered butt, listening to her lungs gasp for breath. In that moment, I'm sure he heard trumpets blast. I know I did.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ten more minutes of sleep...PLEASE

Why is it that when I am asleep by nine it'll be easier to get up, but when i'm asleep by ten I just want to sleep all day??? I guess the bigger question is; why does the bachelor have to be a two hour episode? I've never been a faithful follower of reality dating, but somehow I was sucked in this season. That's what winter does to weakens you to the point you start making questionable decisions. Last winter was even worse. I was watching Rock of Love religiously. That played a pretty large part in our decision to discontinue cable. I long for spring, however spring will bring my Molly's first birthday and I have mixed feelings about that whole turning one thing. Aren't they suppose to stay little forever? I can't believe how much she changes just from day to day. I want to scoop her up into my arms and beg her not to change. I never had any kind of depression or anxiety after Molly was born, mostly because I was too busy, but I do remember my biggest fear was that she was going to grow up and hate me. Now I know our bond has strengthened greater than even the most rebellious teenager’s spirit.

She doesn't realize yet that she's the luckiest. She is my first born. She is my first love. Never having to compete for my time, we're together always.

Early in the morning, she is the absolute sweetest. She'll give me hugs and softly hum through her pacifier. She is my little birdy.

With love as always ~Margaret

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Love

How can the weekend be over already?! What a lovely weekend. Marshal put it best last night when he quietly muttered to me before dozing off, "Good weekend," instead of good night. Molly and I started our weekend with a visit to my mom and dad's up north. Recently, the snow has kept us inside. Molly was just as excited as I was to get out! Later, I met Marshal at the American Legion Bar, where he was bartending. Grandma got to babysit.....well she slept the whole time, but anyways. Saturday was Molly's Great-grandmother's 80th birthday party, which brought us back towards home. VERY fun visit! Molly wasn't too awful, either. As far as Sunday goes, well, all I have to say is, I love my electrician husband. He put a new light in above my desk! It's amazing what a little recess light can do for a work space...and it has a dimmer! We are slowly starting to make our new house our home. We’ve had to put a lot of our plans on hold, because of our wedding and the always, time consuming holidays. My newest project is looking for chairs for the kitchen table...and I’m going to be picky.

Just a little bit ago, I had to find something to entertain Molly with (baby einstien just ended lol), so I can finish this. I was lazy this morning and slept in. I handed her "her favorite," an orange block with a face on it, from her diaper bag. Upon receiving the toy she stood up, turned towards me and gave me a hug! These moments make my heart smile.

These are a few pictures from this weekend:

The Picture of the Day

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday’s Favorite Fashion Finds

In honor of the 2010 winter Olympics, this will be a Special Sports Apparel Edition. Because I workout in my living room, instead of a gym, I need a clear definition of when I’m going to work out. I have to set a special time every day. If I didn’t, I would continuously tell myself throughout the day, “I’ll do it later or I can do it tonight.” If I don’t workout during this designated time, I’ve missed my workout. I am more likely to take advantage of the time, if I only give myself one chance. Another trick I use to tell my mind it’s time to work out, is dressing the part. Now, I’m not saying I put lip gloss on or sport a perfect pony, but I do make sure I change my clothes into, what I consider, my athletic wear. This way my yoga pants aren’t pajama’s or worn all throughout the day. Yes, I have those days when I have sweats on until noon, but those days have dramatically decreased since I implemented my “new rules.” As a new mother, I shop very differently for myself...if at all. It needs to be practical and last a long time, yet still be fashionable. I usually stay away from trends when it comes to basics. But then, I usually treat myself to more trending accessories, because they are cheaper and more disposable. Although I love finding a bargain just as much as the next person, I don’t wait until I think it’ll be on sale. It won’t be there when you get back and then you’ve wasted even more time and money continuously making trips to the mall. Here a few articles I’ve found to be worth every dollar:

These are Old Navy's Women's Active Wear Shorts. I just found a pair for less than $15 at Old Navy and they were actually a longer version of the above pair!

Victoria's Secrest's Classic Yoga Pants. If it has to world classic in it i'm usually drawn to it. These are less than $30 from and they actually come in a 30" to 36" inseam. Sweat pants aren't a one-size-fits-all and finding a 36" inseam is like finding a pot of gold for me!

I'm not a big fan of sloppy t-shirts (even while workingout), which is why I love these graphic and basic T's from Charlotte Russe. The graphic T's are less than $15 and the basic T's are only $6 (I stocked up after new years when they were half off!!).

Have a happy weekend!

The Picture of the Day

Sunshine in a diaper!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fasting makes me hungry...

Well, here we are again, entering into another Lenten season. Of course, I realize this yesterday after I pack my husband turkey and pita, but before my morning snack. I never realized how much I rely on snacking and picking at food...THE ENTIRE DAY. (And I thought cream in my coffee every morning was what was keeping me from losing weight.) So, in order to keep myself from eating, I baked. Brilliant.

After doing inventory in my kitchen, I decided on muffins. But not just any muffins. Cranberry-Orange Muffins.

First of all...muffin baking cups make your life a hundred times easier....why haven't I previously used these?! Second of all the recipe is kind of complicated, well if your used to the-only-add-water muffins its complicated, but you'll feel like a champ when they're done. A good friend of mine introduced me to the recipe last year while I was pregnant (the greatest midnight snack) and I've been in love with them ever since. You can find this amazing recipe at or through this link: 

Next, I thought I would try a new recipe. I had been meaning to try the recipe, which was why I actually had all the ingredients.

This delicious temptress is Apple Coffee Cake. Think apple pie in the middle of coffee cake. This recipe can be found at I, however, had to make it even worse for you and used apple pie filling instead of fresh apples. And like every other recipe, I doubled the batch. I don't know why I have to make everything twice as big as it should be, I just do.

I have to note how excited Marshal was when I presented him a piece after dinner last night. I regret not taking a picture of his face. It is my greatest joy to cook for such an appreciative and deserving man!  I love you, Marshal.

For the Picture of the Day

Everyone should have a pair of these!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yes, one of those mornings. *sigh* I thank God for each and everyday, but i'm really really excited for this weekend and this week is taking FOREVER.

Thought I would share a few things that help get me through the day....a few of my favorite things! Here are my top ten's that I couldn't live without:

1.) First of all...if my house is a mess, I'm a mess. My work space has to be organized and everything else around it before I can work. And this little guy helps me with my morning routine.

Yes, I have a picture of my vaccum cleaner. I need to know my child's play area is safe, which is why this guy is my best friend. If I take five minutes of my morning routine to sweep, my stress level dramatically decreases.

2.) Another favorite that I couldn't live without is my stability ball. Finding time to take care of myself has increasingly become more and more difficult. Spending two hours at a gym is an impossible goal....some days even finding thirty minutes seems impossible.
3.) The Soft and Sexy Wrap by Victorias Secret. Sweat shirts and robes make me feel sloppy, but this cozy wrap keeps me warm without sacrificing style.

4.) My laptop. I keep everything on this thing.....from recipes to bank statements.

5.)The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Tub. It was a baby shower gift and I can't image bath time without it. Molly can play safely and I don't have to waste extra water filling the entire bath tub!
6.) SwaddleMe Organic Cotton Wrap. This was another amazing gift that I could not have made it without. Molly doesn't use it so much anymore, but during the days of colic and frustration, this wrap was the only way I could get her to sleep.

7.) My Sams Club membership.

8.) Real Simple magazine. A little treat for myself. Always full of recipes and helpful organization tips...yeah for organization! But most importantly, I don't have to worry about it sitting out or who sees it because of an offensize cover page.

9.) Mr. Coffee coffee maker. And yes, that is my very own tiny, 5 cup coffee maker. First thing every morning this little appliance has been there for me for the pasts five or so years. 

10.) And of course, this little girl's smile can make any bad mood disappear! Nights when I'm up more than i've slept and days when I don't get a shower are all worth it when I see this little girls smile. That smile can get me through anything!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the beginning...

As my baby sleeps, I thought I would begin with a little piece of who I am. If you would have asked me five years ago where I pictured myself in the next five years, I would have told you my plan. This plan included brief cases, suits and meetings. I wanted nothing more than to work in the business world. I don't know why the corporate world appealed to me, but I wanted to be a part of it all. I am not artsy, creative or crafty. I have always left that up to my extremely gifted family. I was too busy working, anyway, to be cute or fun. A clean piece of notebook paper was art to me! The hardest thing I have ever had to do was to accept who I am supposed to be, as God intended, and what He wanted of me. Little did I know five years ago, that my reality was going to be diaper bags, burp clothes and early bedtimes.

Rewind to the fall of 2008, I was preparing to enter into what I thought was my final year of college. I was living with a roommate in an apartment and commuting to school, while working full time. My life was on track, and as far as school goes, I could see the finish line. Just as the semester was to begin, to my surprise, I found out I was pregnant. It's really hard for me to explain this part of my life, because what happened was life. I can't say I messed up, because my daughter is not a mistake. At the time, I thought my world was ending, but now I know it was only beginning. I may not be Director of HR in a major corporation, but that doesn't mean I have failed. I have been given a position of much greater value; to be the mother of Molly.

Remembering this time in my life brings back a lot of emotions. I was very alone. Family and friends seemed to take a giant step back. I felt like pregnancy was a contagious disease and I began to isolate myself. If it hadn't been for Marshal, I would have not been able to get through. My husband has been there since day one. We were intended for one another...just a little sooner than we had planned.

Fast forward to today, we are more in love than ever. After the pregnancy, wedding, and relocating, our life together has finally slowed. Thus, I have to ask the question; what next?

Our most precious gift from God the day she was born

My soul one

This is my favorite picture of us during Christmas