Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the beginning...

As my baby sleeps, I thought I would begin with a little piece of who I am. If you would have asked me five years ago where I pictured myself in the next five years, I would have told you my plan. This plan included brief cases, suits and meetings. I wanted nothing more than to work in the business world. I don't know why the corporate world appealed to me, but I wanted to be a part of it all. I am not artsy, creative or crafty. I have always left that up to my extremely gifted family. I was too busy working, anyway, to be cute or fun. A clean piece of notebook paper was art to me! The hardest thing I have ever had to do was to accept who I am supposed to be, as God intended, and what He wanted of me. Little did I know five years ago, that my reality was going to be diaper bags, burp clothes and early bedtimes.

Rewind to the fall of 2008, I was preparing to enter into what I thought was my final year of college. I was living with a roommate in an apartment and commuting to school, while working full time. My life was on track, and as far as school goes, I could see the finish line. Just as the semester was to begin, to my surprise, I found out I was pregnant. It's really hard for me to explain this part of my life, because what happened was life. I can't say I messed up, because my daughter is not a mistake. At the time, I thought my world was ending, but now I know it was only beginning. I may not be Director of HR in a major corporation, but that doesn't mean I have failed. I have been given a position of much greater value; to be the mother of Molly.

Remembering this time in my life brings back a lot of emotions. I was very alone. Family and friends seemed to take a giant step back. I felt like pregnancy was a contagious disease and I began to isolate myself. If it hadn't been for Marshal, I would have not been able to get through. My husband has been there since day one. We were intended for one another...just a little sooner than we had planned.

Fast forward to today, we are more in love than ever. After the pregnancy, wedding, and relocating, our life together has finally slowed. Thus, I have to ask the question; what next?

Our most precious gift from God the day she was born

My soul one

This is my favorite picture of us during Christmas

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