Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Love

How can the weekend be over already?! What a lovely weekend. Marshal put it best last night when he quietly muttered to me before dozing off, "Good weekend," instead of good night. Molly and I started our weekend with a visit to my mom and dad's up north. Recently, the snow has kept us inside. Molly was just as excited as I was to get out! Later, I met Marshal at the American Legion Bar, where he was bartending. Grandma got to babysit.....well she slept the whole time, but anyways. Saturday was Molly's Great-grandmother's 80th birthday party, which brought us back towards home. VERY fun visit! Molly wasn't too awful, either. As far as Sunday goes, well, all I have to say is, I love my electrician husband. He put a new light in above my desk! It's amazing what a little recess light can do for a work space...and it has a dimmer! We are slowly starting to make our new house our home. We’ve had to put a lot of our plans on hold, because of our wedding and the always, time consuming holidays. My newest project is looking for chairs for the kitchen table...and I’m going to be picky.

Just a little bit ago, I had to find something to entertain Molly with (baby einstien just ended lol), so I can finish this. I was lazy this morning and slept in. I handed her "her favorite," an orange block with a face on it, from her diaper bag. Upon receiving the toy she stood up, turned towards me and gave me a hug! These moments make my heart smile.

These are a few pictures from this weekend:

The Picture of the Day

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