Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ten more minutes of sleep...PLEASE

Why is it that when I am asleep by nine it'll be easier to get up, but when i'm asleep by ten I just want to sleep all day??? I guess the bigger question is; why does the bachelor have to be a two hour episode? I've never been a faithful follower of reality dating, but somehow I was sucked in this season. That's what winter does to you....it weakens you to the point you start making questionable decisions. Last winter was even worse. I was watching Rock of Love religiously. That played a pretty large part in our decision to discontinue cable. I long for spring, however spring will bring my Molly's first birthday and I have mixed feelings about that whole turning one thing. Aren't they suppose to stay little forever? I can't believe how much she changes just from day to day. I want to scoop her up into my arms and beg her not to change. I never had any kind of depression or anxiety after Molly was born, mostly because I was too busy, but I do remember my biggest fear was that she was going to grow up and hate me. Now I know our bond has strengthened greater than even the most rebellious teenager’s spirit.

She doesn't realize yet that she's the luckiest. She is my first born. She is my first love. Never having to compete for my time, we're together always.

Early in the morning, she is the absolute sweetest. She'll give me hugs and softly hum through her pacifier. She is my little birdy.

With love as always ~Margaret


  1. Margaret,
    I didn't know you had a blog! This post made me laugh and cry! ...seriously...see the winter also makes you more emotional;) I can totally relate though. I just told my husband its hard to imagine loving another baby as much as I love Gabriel...but I know I will once I have the next. Its God's miracle that he gives the heart's of mothers. :)

  2. It truely is a miracle...i don't know how women get through motherhood without having faith in God! And thanks for stopping by!