Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who ever is praying for snow...please stop

I have so much to do in the next few days....does it need to be snowing????? Warm weather is so much easier to do things in. Getting groceries is a hassle in itself. Throw in a little snow and below freezing temperatures and it's downright exhausting. Getting through the next few months is extra challenging for me this year, because I to take Molly on walks, go to parks, and visit shops so badly. I was confined to our apartment all last summer due to Molly's horrible, cranky, colicy state. I just can't wait to show her things....things outside!

Surviving Winter.

As I dance around my kitchen with my little birdy tight in my arms to Brown Eyed Girl, even the bittereness of the winter can't touch us....for just a few minutes. Music is our survival.

Surviving Cabin Fever.

When it's too early for bed, yet to late too do anything, we turn into something I do not recognize. Silliness turns into ridiculousness. Being ridiculous is our survival.

Surviving the need to eat everything.

I don't know why, but winter makes me eat a lot more than summer does. Time to pull out the bathing suit and hang it from the refrigerator...that should be enough motivation, right? Motivation is our survival.

I'm not quite sure where this blog is going, but I have about a minute left of baby einstein. (i was lazy this morning and tried sleeping in) Hopefully, this whole winter thing wraps up soon or a vacation may be the last resort, because i'm all out of survival techniques.

Picture of the Day

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  1. thanks so much for visiting my site!! i love anna she's great. and your blog is lovely!! the picture of the day is too sweet. :)