Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday night blog....

Being a stay-at-home momma, mornings can sometimes get kind of long (especially with an early birdy). This morning was especially long. I've never been a big fan of mornings...they're growing on me, but I still have set backs. And somehow there wasn't anything that really needed cleaning...not sure if I would have done it anyway. To deter our boredom, we decided to change out all our light bulbs, well I changed light bulbs and baby played in the linen closest. I've never changed a light bulb before and it was actually nerve racking.

Went from this boring bulb...

 To this efficient, eco-friendly and curly bulb...

While I single handedly save the environment, Molly single handedly destroyed the linen closet....yes, that is an entire box of did this get cleaned up? I closed the door.

Another amazing day outside, again. We got some major stroller time. It's going to really suck when it snows again. I'm preparing myself, telling myself it'll snow again or it's going to get cold again so appreciate it while it lasts. Therefore if it does snow again, it won't crush me....and if it doesn't it'll be bonus. But while we have this wonderful sunshine, we plan on taking full advantage of it and taking lots of outdoors pictures.

I love to see her explore things, I love to see her discover things, and I love to see how she concentrates on things. She is seeing and doing everything literally for the first time. Earlier today, I dropped an ice cube...more like missed my cup. Like usual, Molly was playing at my feet and pounced on the ice cube immediately. She kept trying to pick up the ice cube but it kept slipping through her chubby fingers. It entertained her at first, but after awhile it really started to make her mad.

I don't know how but she never ceases to amaze me :)


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