Saturday, March 6, 2010

Changes, emotions, and remote controls...

Every morning after bottles and coffee have been made, diapers have been changed, and the sun is no longer in hiding, I start to wonder where my cell phone is. It happens like clockwork. I don’t know how, but by the time morning comes my cell phone is always MIA. Also, my phone is on vibrate all the time (I fear it ringing and waking my birdy). Cell phones definitely have their perks, but sometimes I miss the old land lines. The antique pulse telephones are the best (cells phones are nowhere near as pretty), but I have no use for one. It wouldn’t make sense to pay for both services. Today I was particularly frustrated with the constant misplacement of my cell phone. My husband had to work today and he wasn’t sure the time he’d be getting off, so I wanted my ringer to be on lest he calls. First, I checked the night stand in our bedroom. Sometimes Marshal puts our phones there before going to bed. Then, I checked my purse (it’s usual location). Kitchen window. Kitchen countertop. Kitchen table. Under the couch cushions. Molly’s room? So frustrated. Of course, I found it next to my coffee cup at the desk where I was just sitting....

We love when daddy comes home. Daddy's have a special way of making things better. Her first and only word so far is "Daddy." Now, for some reason, she'll point her finger in the air or point out the window and say, "Daddy." It's amazing to watch how much she is changing and learning.

Yesterday, I officially started planning her birthday! I spent most of her nap time downloading and searching fonts for her invitations. I haven't picked a theme yet. There are so many possibilities! If April in Ohio could be trusted a little more, I would have loved to do sometime outside...

I have a little bit of a dilemma regarding the birthday party. My cousin's wedding is the night before my daughters first birthday and the wedding is 7 hours away. Is it okay to celebrate my first-born's birthday a week after the actual date? I don't know why I feel so guilty postponing the celebration for a week. I know I can still squeeze her and say happy birthday on the 18th and still properly celebrate the occasion the following week. But, I still feel slightly guilty.

...I have been looking forward to and fearing this day all at the same time for awhile now. Such crazy emotions being a mother brings!

My little jelly bean like to stores things in the trunk of the car. It's so funny how she she tries to fit the remote or the wooden spoon into the small space. It's funny to find all the things she puts in there...usually pacifiers and blocks. She also likes to put things in her dad's boots and my shoes. Everyday brings a new surprise. Once I think i've figured things out, life changes....she changes.

Love to you all,

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