Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting ready for Easter

Last day of March!

Yesterday, Molly and I ventured out to do a little Easter shopping at Kohls. It is so much fun shopping for this little girl! She got really excited when she saw all the pretty dresses. She got even more excited when she saw herself in the mirror! It's really funny.

When I saw this purse, I couldn't help myself. It is just too adorable and it'll be a good distraction for Molly in church. Every little girl needs a white Easter purse....along with a bonnet and lacy socks!

Yesterday, we also ran to the grocery....all by ourselves. It's kind of an accomplishment for me. Of course, I got everything but what I needed (milk). I now have a lovely pineapple sitting on my countertop just asking to be cut up and eaten....which i'm going to do right now.

Think Spring!

Picture of the Day

She actually can climb in and out of the toy now....

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