Monday, March 1, 2010

I see friends shaking hands, saying "how do you do," they're really saying "I love you"

Mondays can be absolutely dreadful....when the weekend was as eventful and entertaining as this past weekend’s was. Today would have been a great day to sleep in. I don't know what can make my body wish it was back between sheets quicker, the mountain of dishes and laundry or the frozen, gloomy, grey sky. However, Molly had other plans this morning and was up before I could get back into bed. I wish I could tell her to sleep in because she won't always be able too. I know all too soon she'll be a school kid...then a highschooler and before long she'll have all sorts of responsibilities that I can't shelter her from. But for now, I suppose she doesn't fear the day and the responsibilities it brings. She can wake up with the birds and smile, because she is sweet and innocent. Maybe, she is the one wishing to tell me to wake up and not be afraid of what the day may bring.

As I said above, the weekend was very eventful. We started the weekend off right with a little shopping Saturday morning. My love put off his plans so that he could help me look for shoes, smocks, and bracelets. Well, not so much help me look but more like entertain the small one, while I searched. He’s so funny. If I come out from the dressing room unsure of the item I’m wearing, he’ll simply say, “get it.” I have to laugh and say, “Honey, I’m not questioning the matter of whether I can have it or not, it’s whether or not I look good in it.” Finding clothing isn’t the only goal we have when shopping; it’s to entertain the entire dressing room as well. Putting aside all silliness, it was a successful shopping trip. I did find a few accessories, one being an oversized flower for my ring finger. I love the trend of over sized jewelry; forever I can’t help but feel a little like I’m a kid playing with my mother’s jewelry. Also found a really nice dress, modest and girly, but still a little edgy....not a crazy steal, but it was at least on sale. The crazy steal of the day was a pair of shoes from Aldo. Only they didn’t have the color I wanted in stock....light beige, my fav color for this spring by the sales guy said they can have it shipped to my house, to which I responded, “awesome.” I only hope I still like the shoes once they arrive :/....

After our little shopping excursion, we returned to our home to prêt for our Vehorn-cousin-get-together party. As far as food goes, I went with easy and quick this time around. The most difficult recipe was a veggie pizza, which was titled Easy Veggie Pizza. It was spreading the cream cheese that got me....tip from Chef Logan was to beat the cream cheese first. Aha. It was a truly enjoyable evening. It is very easy to entertain when your guests are entertaining in themselves. And Molly slept like an angel, which helps. Other than a stubborn cork screw and run away meatballs, I’d have to say the night was a success.

Sunday was lovely. Due to this stupid winter, Marshal spent most of the afternoon on the roof of our house. While our super-duper daddy and husband made our home a safer house to live in, we took naps.......a three hour nap to be exact. Molly was tuckered out from all the attention from the night before and I had a head ach from a glass of wine from the night before. Later for dinner, we met my mom, dad, and sisters at the Eagles. Sunday evenings are too short in the winter. I wanted to kidnap my sisters for the week.
Picture of the Day
This is an old one from a cell phone. Only a few weeks old and very colicy, she still found a way to smile....even if she was still asleep!!! To all my family and friends, here's to taking advice from a ten month old and waking up early with a smile! Happy Monday!

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