Monday, March 15, 2010

Life Humor

This morning I hear the very faint sound of my cell phone vibrating. It's 9:30am and daddy usually calls on break. I pan our living room...great. I began to check the usual places where my cell phone rests. We were gone this weekend and after I couldn't find my phone, I figured it must be still packed away somewhere in a diaper bag or purse. I was unpacking, putting stuff away, and picking up toys while phone searching (might as well clean while looking...better chance of finding). I went to move my husband's boots away from the couch to the side door and I noticed they felt a little heavier. Inside daddy's boots sat not only every one of Molly's blocks but also my cell phone....

After having Molly, life has changed so much and I'm learning to enjoy the little things. What used to annoy me now entertains an extent. I still get irritated as heck in Wal-Mart parking lots and find bank tellers to be extremely rude, but finding humor instead of flaws is way more fun.

Water everywhere.

Sorry for jumping ships (get it...water...ships), but Saturday was a wet day and well worth mentioning. Next year, Molly and I are totally jumping in those puddles...with hot pink rain boots.

Saturday was wet, but nothing could keep us from traveling north. We had a surprise birthday party for my husband's friend and my mom and dad were more than willing to baby-sit, so we got a well over due date night. To begin the night we had dinner and hung out with my family. I love it when my little sister and brother play with my daughter. Not only do I get a break, but I love to see how they interact with a baby. They were the babies. They don't get to play with younger brothers and sisters; they are the younger brothers and sisters. I love how they can have Molly around to learn how to entertain a child or even to just have a baby around. Now that she is a little older, Max and Marcella are so much more comfortable with her. Marcella even played with Molly in her bedroom and showed her books! It's just nice.

Later, Marshal and I snuck off to the surprise party. I regret to say I didn't remember to bring my camera. Most of the time bar pictures don't turn out anyway, but only pictures could prove the ridiculousness of the night. We were fully entertained by some drunken Germans dressed up like the Irish...aka my husband's friends.

To top off the great weekend, we declared Sunday to be a day of lounging and snacking. Maybe Saturday night brought back feelings of the "old" days when we could watch movies and lounge the entire next day, or maybe it was just the crappy weather, but we felt the need to be couch potatoes. Marshal even got Totino's Frozen pizza's, taquitos and chips for dinner.

After a weekend of indulgences, it's time to get back into the world of budgets and better eating habits.

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