Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The luck of the Irish...

Yea! for St. Patrick's Day!
My deary and I are all decked out in green today, in honor of St. Patrick and the Emerald Isle. Well, not so much decked out but strategically included a few green pieces into our outfits this morning. And the whole pinching thing...definitely "American" made. One theory was that it started in Boston in the early 1700s. The tradition is that if you wore green the leprechaun’s couldn't see you and they would pinch you if they could see you. An asolutely pagan tradition for a very Christian Saint Day. Sounds like America.

And let’s not forget about the big guy himself, March 17th is observed as St. Patrick’s Day because it is St. Patrick’s feast day, the patron saint of Ireland. It has also become a worldwide celebration of Irish history and culture.

Why is St. Patrick’s day even celebrated so widely in the US? 34 million Americans have Irish ancestry, which is almost nine times the population of Ireland. There might be a small amount of Irish in me, I have freckles and red-ish hair for heaven's sake. Plus, I wouldn't mind claiming to be Irish, they have a really beautiful island.

And why is the shamrock a symbol of Ireland? I found that in ancient Ireland the Shamrock was thought to have magical powers and the number 3 was considered a powerful number. Legends say the leaves will stand upright when a storm approaches and that no snake will be found among them. When St. Patrick came to Ireland he used the Shamrock to symbolize the meaning of the church's teaching on the Trinity.

I like holidays. You take a regular boring day filled with boring things and voila! all of the sudden it's fun. But, most importantly, holidays are a reminder. A day to remember and celebrate. Just know exactly what you are celebrating and why we have the tradition. It will make celebrating that much more meaningful. So, put down that Guinness and pick up a history book.

...okay and if you say St. Pat Rocks are a dumb sh*t and probably shouldn't be reading this blog ;) .

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
~Margaret & Molly

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