Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Things...

Yesterday was such an amazing, spirit lifting, all around nice day. The sun really does power my soul. Fresh air can rejuvenate my mind and build my mental immune system. This is why I love Ohio. There is just enough of winter to really appreciate and enjoy spring.

I think my all time favorite candy is Brachs Speckled jelly beans (or atleast this time of year they're my favorite). I actually have a few in my hand right now. You can keep your jelly belly's and starburst jelly beans.....the speckled are better. Every year I scavenge stores for these speckled treats. I was so happy when I found them at Kroger and stocked up (I totally grabbed four bags). Also found an adorable bunny rabbit for baby's easter basket this year! It's not too gia-normous that it became creapy, but it's big enough to be bigger than usual. Babies and easter are so yummy!!

Daughters are truely an amazing gift from God. She can do nothing wrong. I feel so blessed every time is see her tiny feet. Little girls are like easter candy. They just make your heart constantly say, "aww."

I feel sorry for people who say high school was the best days of their lives. There is no way I'd trade those shoes for a little freedom, a football stadium and beer. I feel so comfortable here and i'm not referring to my physical location...which isn't so bad in itself. 


I used to tell myself that when I had my own house, a husband, and children, things would be perfect all the time and there would never be toys lying around. I wanted people to come in my house and think children didn't even live there until they saw my kids. Totally makes me laugh now! I love her toys, I love her blankets and burp clothes and I always want them to be around. One time I tried moving her toys out of the living room, but it just looked off. I would love to have a parlor room some day in a nice big old farm house free of toys and full of nice things, but I will always want a living full of comfort and activity. I used to associate toys and such with irritability and annoyance (or my brothers). Now, it's cute and they are happy things, good things. 

...speaking of good things. Yesterday we went on our first walk of the season. It was like she saw the world for the first time. She took it all in. I love these moments. I can't wait to be there for her for the rest of them.  

She tightly gripped the house/car keys on the entire trip through the neighborhood. And she never even made a peep. We had to dodge a few left over snow piles and would veer off the side walk to the road. When the stroller would bump she would tightly grasp the side of the stroller. It's amazing how quickly reflexes develop.

I thought I could get a few pictures without the pacifier....guess not

Love and Kisses,

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  1. awww yay for spring!!! these are adorable...and I can't wait to eat jelly beans! My family always had this tradition of waiting till Easter..ha ha!