Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby says banana...

There are moments in life where you find yourself amazed or asking the question "did that really happen." It's a good moment. A moment that leaves you feeling like you need to tell everyone what just happened. We definitely had one of those moments. Later last week, Molly began saying banana. Pretty cool. Another word to add to her little list. Yesterday morning, I put on one of her Baby Einstein movies and when the banana came up (after the grape and peach), I said banana. Later that afternoon, I put it on again (I needed a break) and when the banana came on SHE said in her perfect little birdy voice, "anana." 

All day she waits around for her daddy to come home. She'll stand by the window and slap the glass with her tiny palm, whimpering daddy. Yesterday she actually tried pushing on the side door, trying to see if daddy was home.

I don't know why everything she does astounds me. I guess in the beginning you just can’t imagine where you’ll be, where she’ll be in a year. Then all of a sudden, you’re there. You don’t know how you got there, but you’re there. And now, she’s making words with her tiny mouth and connecting them to objects and people. She’s not wearing the tiniest of clothes anymore; she’s in 12 month sizes. How can she be in 12 month sizes? She’s only three months....oh yeah, she’s not anymore. It takes awhile for your brain to catch up with time, I suppose. But, I still can’t believe it’s almost spring time, a year after we was preparing to meet our little birdy. We made it. We’re here and it’s time to enjoy every little bit.

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