Thursday, April 1, 2010


Earlier today we spent some time gardening, pulling weeds and straightening pavers. Winter was rough and our yard is a mess. Something about getting your hands in with the earth and your body under the sun can really make you feel alive. Just the fresh smell alone can give me a happy high. Being outside seems to have the same affect on Molly.

Molly was a little reluctant about touching anything at first. Like usual, she quickly warmed up. After watching me, the little stinker-belle caught on and started tossing little stones and twigs into the blue bucket.

Little stones and twigs soon turned into huge clods of dirt. After she decided there was enough in the bucket, she tried taking the dirt, stones and twigs back out, which I decided to quickly end.

It is so nice to finally be getting some time outside. Yesterday we took a walk to Mr. Deals (funny small-town grocery store) to get the forgotten milk.....and chocolate chips...and marshmellow creme...and chocolate icing. No my grocery list doesn't always include so much junk food. I'm attemping a special Easter recipe.

The walk ended up a little bit longer than I had thought, but Molly really enjoyed the fresh air and waved at every dog we passed. When we were getting close to our house, I told her that daddy would be home when we got there. This prompted her to wave for him the entire walk up our road even though he wasn't in sight.

Much Love,

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