Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I think Easter is the best holiday. I know I say that about every holiday, but this time I mean it. First of all, it's spring, so everyone is in a super-good mood. Second, it's not winter. Third, you don't have all the stress of presents that Christmas usually brings. This is why I believe Easter is the best holiday. Okay, and I freakin' love jelly beans.

Yesterday morning, we woke up early and I just felt rejuvenated; I felt so alive. Lent is over, spring is here, we get to go see family, and most importantly, He has risen.

We started our Easter morning with a new tradition of Easter Smoothies! (yes, it's fun to start new traditions whether or not they last) Don't you love the smoothie 'stache??

After breakfast, it was time to get dressed. I had been looking forward to this since we bought her dress. Last year I couldn't even imagine what Easter would be like with my soon-to-be-one-year-old. I couldn't even imagine what dress she'd be wearing. I couldn't imagine how she would melt my heart when she hugged her new Easter Bunny stuffed animal. I couldn't imagine how many friends at church would call her beautiful. I couldn't imagine how proud I'd feel showing her off to family. So here's to enjoying what I couldn't even imagine.

We hit up Grandma and Grandpa Bergman's, before crashing the Travis Easter party.

Molly with her Grandma Sarah

The official Easter photo

Of course my mom *ahem* I mean the Easter Bunny had a basket for our little birdy awaiting for us at their house. She was extrememly interested in the Easter grass, picking one piece up at a time with her chubby fingers and examining it through her big brown eyes.

She got plenty of lovin' from this guy, the always cool Uncle Mark. She gets so much attention around our families. At one point Marshal and I looked around and were like, "who has the baby?" I've held her constantly for the past year and now that she is more independent and allows to be entertained by others, I sometimes feel wierd not holding. I feel like a part of me is missing when she is not in my arms and I find myself still rocking back and forth, side to side.

As the afternoon turned into evening, I realized that this is her last first holiday. It's a feeling of accomplishment, joy and sadness all rolled into one. The other day Marshal asked when they officially become toddlers. I said no, she's still a baby.

She might be quickly entering into toddlerhood and Easter might have been her last first holiday, but it's okay....there is so much more to come.


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