Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I stumbled upon a really great website today and wanted to share some useful information that I found. The website is

Since the holiday's began and my wedding ended, I've really fallen away from a healthy lifestyle. My motivation to get back into working out and eating healthy is in need of a push and buying a new pair of tennis shoes isn't going to do it for me. My mind set needs an overhaul. I keep giving myself excuses like "it's just a little Halloween candy"..... "you have to have pumkin pie at Thanksgiving"....."Christmas cookies are here only once a year".....and so on. I fell victim to Valentine conversation hearts and Easter jelly beans, also. Since I don't have my wedding dress looming over my head, I've really allowed for myself to slack. I need to teach myself, again, that these foods are bad for me and to trick my mind into thinking I don't want them anymore. I need to work on my will power.


It's a really great website with a lot of really helpful tools and is a great source for information. I really like the tool that helps you track what you are eating. I think if I was able to see what I was consuming everyday it may help. They also have a BMI (body mass index) to help measure your weight with relation to your height. This can help you figure out a healthy target body weight.

Check it out, let me know what you think. Do you have any fav. fitness/diet websites?


Molly's learned to walk and cry at the same time and that's pretty cool. She used to just fall on the floor. Poor girl's been getting some practice. She has a little toofer (tooth) coming in and it's causin' some pain, which makes her super cranky. Earlier today, to make her happy, I gave Molly my wallet and car keys. For some reason these forbidden toys are way more fun then all the super-duper toys she got on Saturday. Now, my checks and stamps are all wrinkled and slobbered on. great. One of these days I'll find a way to entertain her without destroying a valuable in the process.

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