Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laundry Day

When I used to live on my own I would do my laundry maybe once a week, usually every other. At most my laundry day would consist of a load of darks and then my towels. Now, i sware, i'm doing laundry constantly. Laundry day is everyday, yet I still seem to always be behind. I'm absolutely in heaven when I've finished the laundry and it's either hanging in a closet or folded into a drawer. This kind of bliss only lasts a few minutes, because either my husband comes home from work and all of the sudden there's ten pairs of jeans as dirty as can be laying on the closet floor or Molly spits up at the perfect angle to splash me, her and the couch. Laundry is endless (and I only have one child).

Good thing Molly is freakin' amazing help when it comes to doing laundry...and she doesn't even know it. I hope some day she is as amazing doing the dishes as she is doing laundry.

I thought it would be a good idea to stick her into the dryer to get "the picture" and try to entertain her a bit. It really freaked her out.

Molly got a super cool birthday card in the mail yesterday (thanks MH). She would not put it down for a single second. It even made it on the stroller ride.

Love as always,

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