Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More gardening

Like I said before, our yard is a mess and is requiring a lot of attention. I spent a couple hours yesterday just weeding and most of our evening was spent outdoors, also. Usually I don't mind a little yard work, but I was getting a little frustrated yesterday. There are millions of rocks buried in our flower beds. I'm not talking about little pebbles that just show up; I'm talking about big rocks that were put there purposefully by somebody. I can understand lining your flowerbeds with rocks as a paver, but why bury them? I wouldn't have minded their presence, but I want to shorten the flowerbed and plant some grass because I don't need two hundred thousand feet of flowerbeds. Sorry for the rant. There are just so many stupid things you have to deal with when you buy a house from someone who didn't love and take care of it. For instance, I'm not just dealing with the rock issue. I'm also cleaning up beer bottle caps, very old Easter grass or something that looks like very old Easter grass, and all sorts of other trash that has been hidden by over grown bushes who had been neglected for years. I love our house. We fought very hard to get to where we are and it makes me mad that someone took it for granted and didn't give it the love it deserves. The first day we moved into our house, I mentally hugged it and whispered "It's okay. I'll take care of you now."

Molly didn't mind a little yard work. She dove right in. The funny part, was that I actually let her. After a bath and a bottle, she was so tuckered out from all the playing and the fresh air. Needless to say, she slept very well, which helps us all sleep well.

I like how she still has left over squash still splattered on her cheeks. Speaking of food, for all of you momma's with babies, I discovered a new baby yogurt last saturday and absolutely love it. It's Yobaby by Stonyfield. You can see fruit, unlike Gerbers baby yogut, and it actually smells like yogurt and not like candy. But most importantly, I trust the Stonyfield brand. When it comes to price, there really isn't much of a difference. Stonyfield has six yogurt cups, which are smaller than Gerbers, but Gerber only sells them by four packs. I actually prefer the smaller cup, because she would never finish the entire Gerber yogurt. Also, Stonyfield has variety packs, while Gerber doesn't. I know, I'm excited over baby food once again, but I just wanted to share my new find. If you register at their website, you can even recieve coupons and rewards.

Another big advantage of Stonyfield products are that their organic. I've never really bought into the whole organic thing. I guess I'm kind of cynical when it comes to an organic label. I will believe it is organic when I pull it from my garden. But when it comes to my baby.....yes, I buy organic when I have the option and yes, I'll pay twenty cents more on the jar just because it reads organic whether or not I believe it is truely organic or not.

Hopefully before the end of the summer, my little birdy can help my pull vegetables from our own garden and I won't have to worry about what was sprayed on it or where it really came from. It's sad that our food industry has come to this and that we have to worry about the produce and meats we buy. Between the peanut and spinach scare, I'm spending a little more time washing and preparing our meals and more closely examining our foods.

If you have any foods or brands you particularly trust and believe in please let me know. I'll take all the help and advice I can get when it comes to the quality of our food and safety of my family.

One last picture of Molly in the mud. She decided it would be way more fun if she would toss the dirt onto the step and then brush it off with her hand.

Love always,


  1. Maggie eats a Yobaby every morning and LOVES it!

  2. Good for you! Stonyfield is a GREAT brand, and I trust it, too. Organic Valley is part of that co-op, and the milk from my dad's dairy farm goes to them. Earth's Best is a favorite, and of course anything from Organic Valley.

    If the product in question has the USDA Organic label, you can trust that it IS organic. There is a long process to being certified, and I do trust anything with labeled as such. I hope that helps!