Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My house is a mess, I need to start planning my daughters 1st birthday party, I haven't worked out in weeks, did I mention my house is a mess?? and what do we do? sleep in until 10 o'clock this morning! *sigh* I love my baby. The bad thing is, yesterday was my screw-off-don't-care-getpizzafordinner day, so today can't be the same. You can't have those kind of days two days in a row or things could start falling apart.

After having such a high for a weekend, its hard to get back to things for me and I usually hit a low. Recently, it's gotten so much harder to leave family. I'm thinkin' maybe it's time to start thinking about living closer to home. See, and I still call New Bremen/Maria Stein home. West Milton has yet to even become home. My house, Marshal and Molly are my home, but West Milton just isn't yet.

I love the picture above, because when she reads books she goes into a runners to your marks stance. She quickly flips through the book, giving each page the amount of time she deems appropriate. This little girl is just so gosh-darn funny sometimes.
With love as always,

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