Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My morning recharge

Mornings can get kind of long, especially if you have an early bird like I do. By Molly's morning nap, I'm about ready to crash myself. How do you keep yourself going? I used to make another pot of Joe, but the body can only take so much caffeine. Also, I began to use her nap time as time to clean and run around the house like a mad-woman. By the time her nap was over, I was even more exhausted and not ready for round two.

Blogging has helped me take a little time back for me. Before, I really didn't have anything else to do but clean. Now, during Molly's morning nap I blog. I look forward to writing, which forces me to sit and relax. Through blogging I've also found a few really amazing mom's who also blog. Their stories help me recharge.

Funny Fiasco...

While I try to clean up one mess, she is making another mess. I was happy that she was entertaining herself, but there's a pretty high price for letting your baby play with your purse. We lost a coupon. At first I was shocked because I thought she had eaten the other half of the coupon, but later I found it stuck to her butt. lovely.

Another one of those moments when my first reaction should probably not be to grab the camera. So many times when Molly does something funny or cute, I always kind of look around like did you see that? I always want to tell everyone how proud of her I am and show off all of her talents.

She's just so stinkin' cute (okay, and how cute are those shorts?!). I love showing off those chubby legs.
Much Love,

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  1. Margaret, it was so good meeting this little munchkin...I just wish I had time to hold her:( You look so beautiful btw.
    I agree...blogging is a great way to channel stress, creativity, etc. I love reading other mom blogs too! I can relate to so many of yours!