Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick weekend recap

I know I'm slacking and it's already Tuesday. However, today feels like Monday to me, because Marshal took a half day off yesterday. We went to visit his Grandparents in the afternoon, yesterday. His Grandpa has been in a nursing home. After our visit we took Grandma out for dinner. Boy! Does she have some stories! I wish I could share them all, but I would probably end up embarrassing my husband. :)

Molly's Birthday Party!
Saturday was the big day. We had her big birthday bash. She had loads of fun opening presents, playing with tissue paper and boxs, giving hugs, and eating lots and lots of strawberries.

I'm not a big fan of birthday cake, especially making birthday cake, so I went easy and did a double Angel Food birthday cake. However, Molly wasn't too crazy about the spongy cake. She didn't even want to touch it. She did eat a pound of strawberries, though.

So many fun presents! She had so many new gifts, I completely forgot to give her ours!

She has a blueberry in her mouth in this picture. It cracks me up. The blueberries were really horrible and unripe, so they were extremely tart. I guess thats what I get in buying blueberries out of season.

Have a lovely day!

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  1. soo cute!! happy birthday to molly! sophia is the same way with strawberries..she could eat a ton of them. those cakes look delicious!!mmm.. yum.