Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend recap

It was a wonderful weekend and I now feel completely rejuvenated! Thank-you God, for giving me such a wonderful and supportive family.

Our weekend started with a trip to Miami University to pick up my brother, Mark. It was our first real road trip together with Molly. Between baby einstein movies and cookies, I was fully prepared.

It was wonderful having my brother Mark here on Saturday. We were able to finish picking up the sticks from the trees we cut down. It was a major load off my mind. Later that night, we had our very first cookout.

Here is my top chef firing up the grill for the first time.

Our cookout guests! Please excuse my shadow and Molly's belly.

Sunday was just as lovely. We took a cruise to Grandma and Grandpa Bergmans. Marshal had to take a load of sticks up to Maria Stein, so we decided to come along for the ride and a visit. To top off an already amazing day in the sun shine, we got pizza from the Korner....*sigh*....there is no better pizza. I have to remember to bring the camera next time!!!

Just a quick recap, because good weekends equal big messes.

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