Wednesday, May 5, 2010

After lunch, but before dinner...

Right now, I'm really loving afternoons. The pressure of a workout has been accomplished or all together forgotten. Laundry has either been finished or pushed off until tomorrow. Breakfast and lunch dishes have been cleared, cleaned and returned to their rightful dwelling places. Bills have been paid and accounts have been balanced. The busy morning has finally slowed to a much calmer pace and my baby and I can play and enjoy each other.

I'm loving afternoons in the sandbox under the warm sun with a delicious breeze tangling the lose strands that have fallen from our ponytails. The bubbly bursts of laughter that comes along with time in the sandbox is at times unbearable. My heart goes into complete over load. The joy I receive from these moments is beyond comparison and nothing I could have ever imagined.

I'm loving going to Micky D's drive-thru in the afternoon for a medium coffee with two creams, because I can't seem to remember to pick up coffee beans when we grocery shop. This is when we jump into the car without shoes, buckle up the babe and roll down the windows. Of course, the gas gage ends up screaming empty (startles me evertime) and I have to stop at a gas station and pump barefooted.

Towards the end of my $1.30 splurge and afternoon drive, the young one ends up rubbing her eyes and starts to softly whimper. The time has come for the afternoon nap. I'm loving the afternoon nap. In the dark room, we crack the window to let the cool air in and watch the breeze push and pull the curtain while we rock in the creaky chair. Finally when she has surrendered to her sleepy eyes and has drifted off, I kiss that soft, angelic forehead and rest her tiny body in the crib. Then, I will retreat to the couch for my afternoon coffee break.

When I have found the bottom of my coffee cup and the soap opera has previewed tomorrow's episode, it's about the time I hear my baby's cry, stating that she has had enough nap time. I'm absolutely loving baby right after her nap. She gives hugs and wants to be held for just a little while, until she is ready to explore and move on with the rest of the day.

After nap time comes snack time and after snack time daddy returns. Our favorite time of the afternoon. I'm loving the way she perks up and understands when I say, "daddys home!" After daddy comes home the afternoon quickly begins to fade and soon, very soon it's evening.


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