Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Funny Molly. She just made me laugh all day. I put a Baby Einstein movie in for Molly this afternoon in order to get a little work down. In the beginning of the movie, a fish puppet suddenly whips out. Everytime this happens it startles little girl (Every stinkin' hilarious time). This time, in particular, she was standing at the base of the TV, anxiously awaiting her beloved puppets and music, when out pops that darn fish and completely knocks her to her little diapered butt. I guess she figured it would be safer just to hang out on the floor, because she stretched out on the carpet for the remainder of the episode.

Just ridiculously funny.



  1. hehe what a cutie. i love how much laughter sophia brings into our house too!! little girls can be so funny!! :)

  2. she is so cute! Gabriel is mesmerized by baby mozart...but not neptune yet..:)