Friday, May 7, 2010

A perfect evening for dancing in the kitchen...

I love my Friday nights. Everything has a little sparkle to it on a Friday night. Sugar is a little sweeter, kisses are a little longer, and life is so much stronger. Like a double shot of espresso, Friday night hits me and I can feel it in every part of my body. I think that the air changes on Friday night and it makes it easier to breathe. Knowing that my husband will be all mine for the next two days also totally helps.

Tonight has been no exception to my wonderful Friday nights. First began the night sipping on an ice cold cherry coke *dana-dana-danAnana* (Rascal Flatts, get it?) and then we ended the night with a little slow dancing in the kitchen until sweet little baby finally dozed off. Now, as she sleeps, I'm watching the storm roll in strong and heavy. With each crack of powerful thunder, I freeze, waiting to hear whether it has awakened my child. Secretly inside I wish it would.

In becoming a mom, I seem to have been given a few extra doses of common sense. For-instance, at one time accepting a free dog from a neighbor on a whim would make total sense. Now, not so much. Upgrading my cellphone to a blackberry and tacking on an extra 30 bucks to my monthly bill, just because I can, I have also figured out isn't the best idea. Now when presented with such options, something kicks in and yells, "YOU KNOW BETTER!"

But, then there are times like these, when waking up my sleeping baby only to cuddle with her on the couch makes total and complete sense. Even though it will probably make her mad, I still really, really want to hold her...

Love as always,

p.s. Mark, I will put the rest of the pictures up tomorrow, but I will leave you with this last one just because it rocks :)

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