Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Weekend!

Saturday afternoons in the summer time, growing up, we would watch dozens and dozens of brides, grooms and their families pour through these doors and down the steps of St. Augustine's. I can't believe this is a picture of my family stepping through those doors and greeting the beautiful bride, my cousin! It was so beautiful to see my family in the church most of us grew up in, witnessing the union between two amazing people.

Before my own wedding, I couldn't appreciate weddings the way I do now. I love seeing the happiness spread across the faces of the newly married couple. I love how the smile is of the rarest kind. Seeing this smile, feeling their joy reminds me of our day. The day my husband and I said I do. The day we shared this special smile.

Each time I hear the vows spoken and promised between the bride and groom, I am reminded of my own vows, the words I had spoken to my husband. The words your family and friends are there to witness and celebrate. Each wedding we celebrate together we are also renewing our promises to each other just by being present.



  1. I love your pictures, Margaret. You are so talented. I love the expressive one of marshal and molly:)

  2. Thanks, Mary, and thanks for taking the time to read!