Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breakfast on the deck....

Memorial Day.

A little swimming, a lot of sun, cook out with tasty burgers, and even an ice cream cone. In every essence of the word, we partied. Just the three of us.

And it all began with breakfast on the deck.......

It was the first time in a long time my husband has been able to relax and take time for himself. I was determined to let him sleep in, which is why I took baby's cereal and my coffee to the outdoors. Our morning outside ended up being a treat instead of a favor.

Because mornings are a little different. Mornings have just a pinch of something special. When you have Molly in your morning, you can't help but enjoy every last drop of it's goodness.

I wanted Marshal to stay sleeping so badly that I literally tip-toed through the house to put little birdy down for her nap. After she was safely tucked into her crib, I quietly snuck into the bathroom to get ready for the day. I was brushing my teeth when I suddenly heard a noise. I heard the roar of the lawn mower engine starting up. Immediately, I say, "Oh-no, he didn't." I drop my brush and marched to the kitchen to peer through the window to find, in fact, that there was Marshal still half asleep starting to mow the lawn....at 9 o'clock on Memorial Day Monday morning. He knew he was doing something he shouldn't be doing the moment he saw me. The groggy husband slumped his shoulders as he made his way back inside, leaving the lawn mower until a decent hour. Poor guy. Later on in the day, after a little nourishment and a shower, Marshal admitted that it was probably a good thing that I had stopped him. This still makes me giggle.

Mornings around here, I tell ya', you don't want to miss 'em.

I'm not going to wait until next Memorial Day to have breakfast on the deck, again.....

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