Sunday, June 13, 2010

A jumbled mess of love.

I am very happy to introduce my darling, baby girl's new pj's! The ducky "baby bag" pajama's have been officially replaced. My baby has big girl pajamas now. When I showed the yellow jammies to her tonight she pulled them from my hands, gave them a good look over and said "pretty".....which sounds more like "keek-ee."

How can something as simple as new pajamas end up meaning so much more than just new pajamas. These little matching giraffe duds aren't just another article of clothing that will filter through her closet. They slightly have a purpose beyond there original design. The reason these pj's have so much meaning in them is that I didn't have a moment in the store, I didn't hear trumpets and life didn't turn into slow-motion when I carried them out the store. I just simply chose them from a rack and carelessly slipped them into the cart. I didn't sigh with relief after I swiped the debit card and more importantly they didn't make me cry.

The moment didn't come until after I realized there hadn't been a moment. Dinner was already made, baths were already given and baby was already tucked into bed before I even realized the moment happened. Life has become normal. I'm no longer the self-conscience, pregnant, unmarried girl. I'm no longer the frantic, new mom trying to plan the perfect wedding. I am a wife and a mother, who casually picks out baby clothes in Target. I'm thinkin' life is pretty good.   

Can you tell why I call her little birdy?

Life is good, because the only drama lately has been the arrival of our new chair. I did my usual "I'm not sure if I completely love costs too much, can I take it back?!" freak out. But, like most of my freak outs, they usually pass in a day or two. I've begun to really like the chair. I found a really amazing end table at Target today, which ties it all together really well....okay I love it now :)

I'll probably change the pillows, but I'm really happy how it turned out. I'm lucky to have a very patient husband, who understands---doesn't always help---but atleast understands my freakouts.


Today when I was making dinner, Molly was fumbling around my feet keeping herself busy. I was watching her enough in regards to her safety, yet I wasn't focused on her activity enough to know completely what she was doing. In other words, I was really busy and she wasn't hurting anything so I let her keep doing it.

For a second, I stopped what I was doing and without her knowing, I watched. From the lazy-susan cabinet she was trucking over cans to drop into her daddy's lunch box. I guess she was trying to help me out and get a jump start on tomorrow. Please don't mind the dirty lunch box. Marshal has been working crazy ten hour days seven days a week and that box is getting a lot of use.

She's a smart one. Not only does she pack lunches, now she's wearing heals......

In a jumbled mess of love, i've learned where the importance lies. It at first was for me, but now I know better.


  1. oh my gosh she is just so sweet!
    I LOVE babies in pajamas! I put Gabriel in his a good hour before he goes to bed-he he!

  2. what darling photos!!! so sweet! And your house is stunning as well. Have a great day.