Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh... there is zero motivation left in my body. This is what summer does. Leaves me unmotivated and requiring lots and lots of lounge time.

Desiring a vacation, I packed up on Friday morning and Molly and I took a road trip up north. We began the weekend of fun by visiting Angela, Noah and the new baby Andrew.

Molly and Noah, surprisingly, got along great. They are more than a year apart in age, so I wasn't even sure if they would acknowledge each other.
Life is too short not to enjoy play dates. When we were running around the park (they have a park behind they're house....how nice is that?), if Noah would get to far ahead of Molly, he would call back in his little two-year old voice "Come on, Molly." So cute!
After a little time running around the park, Angela pulled out the baby pool. I love babies in water!

Molly doesn't usually sit in water, but when Noah sat down, Molly plopped right down.

This face alone describes how much fun she had.

After some fun in the sun, we made our way back to Grandma's house for nap time. Boy, did she nap. She was so tuckered out, her nap lasted for an hour and a half. After Molly was fully rested, Marcella, Molly and I went to the NB pool for some more water time.
Friday was great. I didn't do any laundry or scrub a single dish. I was one happy mommy. Saturday was just as nice. Molly got to experience her very first Country Fest. First thing we did was hit up the petting zoo.

The petting zoo was great. Kids are allowed to pet and pick up animals. I couldn't help but wonder if any of the kittens end up missing.

My favortite were the draft horses!

After visiting with friends, and catching part of my brother's volleyball game, Molly was spent and it was time to get out of the heat.

No weekend away is complete without a Sunday morning at Grandma's house. Maybe it was the extra hour of sleep or the amazing cup of joe, but we had a great morning.

I love it when families are together in the mornings, especially Sunday mornings. Everyone is dressed up and unable to busy themselves before church. So, we find ourselves gathered in the kitchen, sipping on coffee and watching the little one play.

Now we are back into the week and awaiting another really awesome weekend!

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  1. I was missing your posts--looks like a fun summer weekend:) Thanks for your comments too!