Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swimming Pool

Yeah! Finally we went swimming! It is not officially summer until you have experienced the public pool. We did it and we did it well. I packed the giant diaper bag full of sunblock, beach towels, water bottles and plenty of snacks. We slipped on bathing suits, pulled hair up into ponytails and grabbed the flip-flops.

It was a perfect day for the pool.

Molly makes the perfect beach baby. Her chubby little legs trying to make it through the baby pool water just cracks me up. I took her with me to the "big" pool and out into deeper waters. I knew she would enjoy it, but I didn't realize how much. Instead of clinging to me, she would try to push off like she wanted to go it on her own. She is my water baby and this makes me happy.

As much as she enjoyed the water, I think she enjoyed snack time even more. Nothings better than ice cold water and some Nilla Wafers after exhausting yourself fighting all those waves and the heat of the sun.

Imma be lookin' forward to the next pool day!

Oh and on top of all the super-fun pool day stuff, we get to also see Uncle Assistant Manager Mark.


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