Friday, July 30, 2010

Kitchen Update

We're gettin' close! I can see the finish line. All we're waiting on is the counter top and dishwasher, which should hopefully come next week.

After watching me paint the kitchen wall four different colors, Molly has learned how to use the paint roller.

We finally moved the refrigerator to it's rightful place amongst the cabinets, away from the living room. I couldn't believe how spacious it felt, once the fridge was gone. The flow is back to normal. Things are clean, again. Once the counter top comes, I will be a happy mommy.

In order to christen the almost-done kitchen, I wanted to bake something, cook something, do something that involved using the kitchen. All I could come up with was rice crispy treats, with cocoa puffs instead of rice crispies.

The other day, my sister and I decided it's about time to get excited for the season change. Although I  can never get enough of pool days, flip-flops and lemonade, I get just as excited for fall as I do summer. Fall might even be a tad-bit more exciting. I look forward to cool breezes, jackets and jeans and I might even attempt an apple pie. But, until Autumn finally graces us with his presence, I will continue to enjoy summer until she breathes the last of her warm nights and leaves us until next year.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long over due

I'm not sure if I've been avoiding blog time because when I'm tired my creative side goes first or because I just haven't felt like rooting through the mounds of junk mail and receipts in the desk draw to find the camera cord.

After too many days of "have to get this done" and "going to get that," we took a day off.   

On top of just laying around all morning, sipping on coffee and eating bagels, we got to go swim. This time we didn't just go to any ole' pool, we went to my grandma's pool. So many summers spent by that pool side, soaking in every single ray of daylight. I sat in the cool water, bobbing my one-year-old up and down, and I couldn't help but hear the echos of my childhood. I know, sounds dramatic. At one point, my grandma points out that this was the first time that there were three generations of her's in the pool; my mom, me and molly. I hope my grandpa is proud to know that three of his generations have spent their summer's enjoying the gift he gave them. 

Loved our day off....loved spending our day off with family.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Weary Voice of a Distraught Mother

My kitchen is in shambles. I am in shambles. Next time we redo a kitchen, I'm out'a town for the entire duration of the project. It's fun when you're the one ripping and redoing. It's not fun when you're the one trying to keep a baby out of the mess.

My stress level has met it's limits. I want organization back. I want clean back. I want order back. This whole experience has been a lot harder than I could have ever expected. Nothing is going according to plan.

When we first moved in, the plan was to simply reface the cabinet doors. After a little research, we learned that it would be comparable in price to buy all new stock cabinets instead of just the doors. Then, because we were changing the cabinets, we decided to buy a new counter top. It's like if you give a mouse a cookie....

If you decide to change your cabinets, you have to change your counter top. Then you will need to change your sink, then you will want a new faucet. After you buy a new faucet, you will want to buy a new range hood. Once you see how nice the new range hood looks, you will want a new dishwasher. And new cabinet knobs and pulls...and new draw organizers....

Demo started out great. Marshal removed all the top cabinets swiftly and without complications. The bottom cabinets...not so much. After removing the old dishwasher, we discovered water damage. The sub-floor needed replaced. We wanted to wait to replace the floor, because it really wasn't all that bad, but we realized we didn't have a choice now.

This meant everything that was in the kitchen, now need to be moved to the living room. Not a single working appliance all week. Laundry is so backed up, we have had take-out way, way too much, and there was no where to entertain Molly because both kitchen and living room were construction zones.

On top of all this stress, Molly has been super cranky, with molars trying to cut through her poor little gums. She's had a fever twice and earlier in the week she got a rash. If things weren't hard enough for little Birdy, she had two shots today.

After her doctor appointment, she crawled up on the couch and covered her face with a pillow. I guess she needed a little alone time.

Oh, love.

This is all for you.

After what feels like the longest week of my life, I can finally see the finish line. The cabinets are in, finally, after having to return one damaged cabinet, having to pick up a missing shelf and stablizing a wobbly base cabinet. I will never buy anything from the super store we bought the cabinets from, again. I won't say the name, but I will say it rhymes with Toes.

The floor is almost completely. Only a small section to be completed, which I can deal with, because I have the washing machine and dryer back......along with the living room back. Sink is hooked up and in working condition (thanks to the plumber big marsh), oven in it's place, range hood counter top for awhile, but that I can deal with.

Pictures to come soon!


Friday, July 16, 2010

It all began with I love you...

I'm so proud of my flowers.

Even if they are a little uneven...

But, it's a start. Most of the time, I expect myself to know the right thing the first time. I never believed in trial and error. Practice is boring and there is no try, try again bull-crappy in my book. Or at least, it used to be that way. Motherhood has completely thrown that book out the window.

Once I feel like I've finally figured things out, everything will change. I'll think I've got her on the perfect sleeping schedule, but all of the sudden, she'll change. She'll gobble up her dinner one day, but the next not want anything to do with it. Once I think I have the pacifier under control, she suddenly request it constantly. The bottle is my biggest struggle right now. I'll pump myself up all day, telling myself today is the day. Today is the day I won't give her a bottle...cups only. The later it gets, the less enthusiastic I am. Molly could care less about the bottle, she only desires the milk. I am the one prolonging the use of the bottle. I'm not ready.

I gave in to rice crispy treats, yesterday. I had a big box of rice crispy cereal, left over from the 4th of July's rice crispy treats, and they weren't going to get eaten unless mixed with marshmallow. It's so funny to watch Molly try to eat the cereal. She'll go in for a big hand full, but she's lucky if one ends up in her mouth. Most of the tiny cereal ends up in her lap. Even funnier than the rice crispies is the miniature marshmallows. Her baby fingers just pinched the marshmallow and occasionally she would lick it.

My love. How precious your love is. How could I have known....


Proof that even angels get bed-head.

No, I did not do that to her hair.

This weekend up ahead is going to be a busy one. The big kitchen redo has begun.Cabinets have arrived, demo begins tonight, painting sunday and installation starts monday! Pictures to come!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My life

as i sit down to check an email, open an account, and begin a new post my child drops the toy she has so patiently been playing with and commands my immediate attention. now, she teeters on my cross-legged lap, with my left hand as support, while the right chicken pecks at the laptop keyboard with hopes to accomplish something...anything.

as i retrieve a fallen pen, slip an important bill into a draw away from mischievous fingers, and catch a picture frame about to be knocked off the over crowded desk, I sigh. pause. smile. Thank-you. I'm exhausted yet bored, happy but I cry, finish nothing while still doing everything. Thank-you. I can be so angry with the world, people, politics, but then she smiles. Thank-you.

My left had has been relieved from it's duties. My baby (no, she is not a toddler yet) requested to be let down. As she scurries off, she glances back. Yes, baby, I am still here. She makes a pit stop at the living room window. Today, is trash day. The noisy garbage truck screeched to a stop outside our house. A uniformed man hops out, dumps the can, and is off, all the while Molly is pounding on the window and squealing with excitement. Just as quickly as they come they are gone, and Molly is off until she is once again distracted by something else.

Earlier, she was puddin' through the kitchen. I hear her began to snoop through my giant purse/diaper bag behind my back. I glance back and see her find a pack of crackers my mom had stowed away for our later use. Very intently, she twists open the remainder of the pack and slips a cheese cracker, bite by bite, into her mouth. After she has had her fill, she trots off, leaving behind a tiny pile of crumbs and a wrapper. She has grown from a birdy to a raccoon. I, however, will not be nick-naming her raccoon anytime soon. She will always be my Molly-Bird.

This past weekend, we had, better, we had family over. As we sipped on drinks and snacked on pretzels and cookies late into the night, someone brings up White Christmas. I believe the conversation began with weeds, then changed to trees and then was trumpeted with pine trees. Pine trees turned into Vermont and we all know where that went. Before we knew, my mother-in-law and I were resiting lines and chanting choruses. I couldn't resist, even though it is only July, I had to slip the DVD in today and rewatch each amazing scene.

I couldn't even pick a favorite scene. Of course, my love for the iconic film completely irritates my husband. He doesn't find the humor in Mr. Wallace and Mr. Davis dressing as the sisters and performing their act or Mr. Davis fumbling for train tickets after knowingly given them away to the girls. I think he fears that after I watch the film, I'll request him to wear suits all the time and say things like "pal" and "awful." I do want to take a train to Colombia Inn in Pine Tree, Vermont, regardless of its existence or not.

There are a lot of made up places I'd like to visit. For-instance, Stars Hollow, the small town that the TV series Gilmore Girls was based. I would like a Stars Hollow for my baby to grow up in, but I guess we'll settle for West Milton for now.

Before dinner last night, I sat Molly in this chair. Until, I placed food in front of her, she sat like this.



Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainy Day Sad Face

All I can do today is yawn. Having the kitchen clean is a major victory on days like today. It doesn't even feel like a Friday. I'm suppose to automatically be energized, regardless of how many hours my husband is working and away from home, but not this Friday. For all I care, it could be a Monday.

To give today more of a Friday edge, Molly and I picked up some sub's and met daddy for lunch. I wish I could have brought him back home instead of to work after our lunch date.

Molly wasn't very happy that daddy had to go, either.

Yesterday, we crashed my aunt's pool for a few hours. We heard from Uncle Assistant Manager Mark that the public pool was too crowded for comfort. We took his word for it and stayed away....

I crave the water. All winter I dream about these moments. Just the sound of the crystal clear water splashing into the cement walls of the pool will competely relax me. I enjoy the time after the pool just about as much as I enjoy the actual pool time. I love changing out of the sogging bathing suit and slipping on something comfortable and dry. I love the smell of left over sunblock on our sun kissed bodies. I love the tan lines earned from a day under the sun. I love how popsicles taste ten times better and air conditioned rooms are tens time cooler after pool days.

But, most of all, I love the sleepy baby after the water, the towels, the popsicles and the fun.

Nothing says I had fun, Mom, more than I child who sleeps the entire drive back home.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Photos

Our church is in the process of creating a new parish directory we did the whole get dressed up for two minutes of picture taking thing. Of course, I did end up buying a few 8 x 10's and wallets. But, I was surprised at how well they actually turned out and Molly was just too darn cute to pass them up. I scanned the prints to upload them, which is why the photo quality is so poor.

Now I'm on the hunt for frames :)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

The only way I could think of kicking off this amazing weekend, was to start with the pool. If you don't have a little sun on your cheeks you haven't fully experienced the Fourth of July yet. I can remember, when I was little, being anxious about being tan enough for The Fourth. Every tradition has to be present for each holiday or else you risk not fully experiencing the holiday, which would be an absolute tragedy.

She's got the number one baby beach bod. I love that chub.

This girl is becoming a regular water baby.  I love taking her out to the deep end and just bob up and down, completely relaxed. Once you get past the shallow end, where all the ten year old boys like to pound through the water and blast Nerf balls from their grasps in the general direction of their accomplice, it really isn't all that bad. The water gets colder the further you move out, but it becomes that much more refreshing and rewarding. I'm already looking forward to our next pool day.

I almost thought we weren't going to have much of a 4th of July. Saturday afternoon, Molly woke up from a nap with a fever. It was the first time she has ever had a fever, let alone be sick. I sort of freaked out. I could just tell she had a fever the moment I picked her up out of the crib. I was so glad Marshal was home, because the Motrin I had stocked in the medicine cabinet had expired. Immediately after she had a dose of Motrin and a big drink of Gatorade, her temp went down. By Sunday morning, her fever was gone and we were able to continue with the Fourth of July weekend of fun.

Our first stop was Maria Stein. Looks like Molly and her grandma swapped teddy bears.

Another must-do tradition on the Fourth of July is to wear red, white and blue.

And of course to spend 90% of the day in lawn chairs.

Our next stop for the day was New Bremen. Again we ate quite a bit more, drank a little more and laughed a whole lot more.

I can't imagine any way to make this summer even better. I can't help but remember last July 4th and hiding in cool bedrooms at my moms house, trying to coax her into sleeping or atleast stop crying, trying not to break down myself. Now we get to be apart of the party and enjoy the company instead of hide from all the noise. I miss her being tiny and new, but she is so much fun now. I don't know what my life would be like without her.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Me Bear

Legend has it, when The Big Marsh was merely Baby Marsh he bestowed the name "Me Bear" to the loveliest of Christmas teddy bears. The young lad's grandmother had purchased the teddy bear, intending it to be used solely as a decoration to be placed under the Christmas tree. Arriving for Christmas at grandma's, baby Marshal spotted the bear under the tree. Immediately, he announced "Me Bear" as he scooped the teddy bear into his stubby arms. Grandma Weaver said that she didn't have the heart to tell him that the bear wasn't his Christmas present and that she just let him keep it.

Molly just recently was given her very own Me Bear. Her Uncle August made it for her at the Build-A-Bear Workshop and, boy, has she been lovin' on it.

The bear even came to the grocery store with us earlier this week. She caused quite the scene. There wasn't a mommy, daddy, grandma or grandpa who didn't stop to say "how cute," or "she's adorable."

And can you blame them when she's doing this??

Teddy Bears, Pajamas, Babies...need I say more?

I'm absolutely in love with this little girl.

Oh, and her daddy, too! ;)

Excited for another fun, family filled weekend! Happy Independence Day!