Friday, July 16, 2010

It all began with I love you...

I'm so proud of my flowers.

Even if they are a little uneven...

But, it's a start. Most of the time, I expect myself to know the right thing the first time. I never believed in trial and error. Practice is boring and there is no try, try again bull-crappy in my book. Or at least, it used to be that way. Motherhood has completely thrown that book out the window.

Once I feel like I've finally figured things out, everything will change. I'll think I've got her on the perfect sleeping schedule, but all of the sudden, she'll change. She'll gobble up her dinner one day, but the next not want anything to do with it. Once I think I have the pacifier under control, she suddenly request it constantly. The bottle is my biggest struggle right now. I'll pump myself up all day, telling myself today is the day. Today is the day I won't give her a bottle...cups only. The later it gets, the less enthusiastic I am. Molly could care less about the bottle, she only desires the milk. I am the one prolonging the use of the bottle. I'm not ready.

I gave in to rice crispy treats, yesterday. I had a big box of rice crispy cereal, left over from the 4th of July's rice crispy treats, and they weren't going to get eaten unless mixed with marshmallow. It's so funny to watch Molly try to eat the cereal. She'll go in for a big hand full, but she's lucky if one ends up in her mouth. Most of the tiny cereal ends up in her lap. Even funnier than the rice crispies is the miniature marshmallows. Her baby fingers just pinched the marshmallow and occasionally she would lick it.

My love. How precious your love is. How could I have known....


Proof that even angels get bed-head.

No, I did not do that to her hair.

This weekend up ahead is going to be a busy one. The big kitchen redo has begun.Cabinets have arrived, demo begins tonight, painting sunday and installation starts monday! Pictures to come!

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