Friday, July 30, 2010

Kitchen Update

We're gettin' close! I can see the finish line. All we're waiting on is the counter top and dishwasher, which should hopefully come next week.

After watching me paint the kitchen wall four different colors, Molly has learned how to use the paint roller.

We finally moved the refrigerator to it's rightful place amongst the cabinets, away from the living room. I couldn't believe how spacious it felt, once the fridge was gone. The flow is back to normal. Things are clean, again. Once the counter top comes, I will be a happy mommy.

In order to christen the almost-done kitchen, I wanted to bake something, cook something, do something that involved using the kitchen. All I could come up with was rice crispy treats, with cocoa puffs instead of rice crispies.

The other day, my sister and I decided it's about time to get excited for the season change. Although I  can never get enough of pool days, flip-flops and lemonade, I get just as excited for fall as I do summer. Fall might even be a tad-bit more exciting. I look forward to cool breezes, jackets and jeans and I might even attempt an apple pie. But, until Autumn finally graces us with his presence, I will continue to enjoy summer until she breathes the last of her warm nights and leaves us until next year.


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