Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long over due

I'm not sure if I've been avoiding blog time because when I'm tired my creative side goes first or because I just haven't felt like rooting through the mounds of junk mail and receipts in the desk draw to find the camera cord.

After too many days of "have to get this done" and "going to get that," we took a day off.   

On top of just laying around all morning, sipping on coffee and eating bagels, we got to go swim. This time we didn't just go to any ole' pool, we went to my grandma's pool. So many summers spent by that pool side, soaking in every single ray of daylight. I sat in the cool water, bobbing my one-year-old up and down, and I couldn't help but hear the echos of my childhood. I know, sounds dramatic. At one point, my grandma points out that this was the first time that there were three generations of her's in the pool; my mom, me and molly. I hope my grandpa is proud to know that three of his generations have spent their summer's enjoying the gift he gave them. 

Loved our day off....loved spending our day off with family.

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  1. Margaret,
    I am missing Minster right about now. So many great memories in Grandma's pool! Have so much fun at the reunion this weekend!