Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Me Bear

Legend has it, when The Big Marsh was merely Baby Marsh he bestowed the name "Me Bear" to the loveliest of Christmas teddy bears. The young lad's grandmother had purchased the teddy bear, intending it to be used solely as a decoration to be placed under the Christmas tree. Arriving for Christmas at grandma's, baby Marshal spotted the bear under the tree. Immediately, he announced "Me Bear" as he scooped the teddy bear into his stubby arms. Grandma Weaver said that she didn't have the heart to tell him that the bear wasn't his Christmas present and that she just let him keep it.

Molly just recently was given her very own Me Bear. Her Uncle August made it for her at the Build-A-Bear Workshop and, boy, has she been lovin' on it.

The bear even came to the grocery store with us earlier this week. She caused quite the scene. There wasn't a mommy, daddy, grandma or grandpa who didn't stop to say "how cute," or "she's adorable."

And can you blame them when she's doing this??

Teddy Bears, Pajamas, Babies...need I say more?

I'm absolutely in love with this little girl.

Oh, and her daddy, too! ;)

Excited for another fun, family filled weekend! Happy Independence Day!

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