Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainy Day Sad Face

All I can do today is yawn. Having the kitchen clean is a major victory on days like today. It doesn't even feel like a Friday. I'm suppose to automatically be energized, regardless of how many hours my husband is working and away from home, but not this Friday. For all I care, it could be a Monday.

To give today more of a Friday edge, Molly and I picked up some sub's and met daddy for lunch. I wish I could have brought him back home instead of to work after our lunch date.

Molly wasn't very happy that daddy had to go, either.

Yesterday, we crashed my aunt's pool for a few hours. We heard from Uncle Assistant Manager Mark that the public pool was too crowded for comfort. We took his word for it and stayed away....

I crave the water. All winter I dream about these moments. Just the sound of the crystal clear water splashing into the cement walls of the pool will competely relax me. I enjoy the time after the pool just about as much as I enjoy the actual pool time. I love changing out of the sogging bathing suit and slipping on something comfortable and dry. I love the smell of left over sunblock on our sun kissed bodies. I love the tan lines earned from a day under the sun. I love how popsicles taste ten times better and air conditioned rooms are tens time cooler after pool days.

But, most of all, I love the sleepy baby after the water, the towels, the popsicles and the fun.

Nothing says I had fun, Mom, more than I child who sleeps the entire drive back home.


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