Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Weary Voice of a Distraught Mother

My kitchen is in shambles. I am in shambles. Next time we redo a kitchen, I'm out'a town for the entire duration of the project. It's fun when you're the one ripping and redoing. It's not fun when you're the one trying to keep a baby out of the mess.

My stress level has met it's limits. I want organization back. I want clean back. I want order back. This whole experience has been a lot harder than I could have ever expected. Nothing is going according to plan.

When we first moved in, the plan was to simply reface the cabinet doors. After a little research, we learned that it would be comparable in price to buy all new stock cabinets instead of just the doors. Then, because we were changing the cabinets, we decided to buy a new counter top. It's like if you give a mouse a cookie....

If you decide to change your cabinets, you have to change your counter top. Then you will need to change your sink, then you will want a new faucet. After you buy a new faucet, you will want to buy a new range hood. Once you see how nice the new range hood looks, you will want a new dishwasher. And new cabinet knobs and pulls...and new draw organizers....

Demo started out great. Marshal removed all the top cabinets swiftly and without complications. The bottom cabinets...not so much. After removing the old dishwasher, we discovered water damage. The sub-floor needed replaced. We wanted to wait to replace the floor, because it really wasn't all that bad, but we realized we didn't have a choice now.

This meant everything that was in the kitchen, now need to be moved to the living room. Not a single working appliance all week. Laundry is so backed up, we have had take-out way, way too much, and there was no where to entertain Molly because both kitchen and living room were construction zones.

On top of all this stress, Molly has been super cranky, with molars trying to cut through her poor little gums. She's had a fever twice and earlier in the week she got a rash. If things weren't hard enough for little Birdy, she had two shots today.

After her doctor appointment, she crawled up on the couch and covered her face with a pillow. I guess she needed a little alone time.

Oh, love.

This is all for you.

After what feels like the longest week of my life, I can finally see the finish line. The cabinets are in, finally, after having to return one damaged cabinet, having to pick up a missing shelf and stablizing a wobbly base cabinet. I will never buy anything from the super store we bought the cabinets from, again. I won't say the name, but I will say it rhymes with Toes.

The floor is almost completely. Only a small section to be completed, which I can deal with, because I have the washing machine and dryer back......along with the living room back. Sink is hooked up and in working condition (thanks to the plumber big marsh), oven in it's place, range hood counter top for awhile, but that I can deal with.

Pictures to come soon!


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