Monday, August 30, 2010

I totally wear hats

I should try to write a positive and up lifting story of inspiration and triumph to help my mood, but all I really want to do is sit in a corner and pout. I want to pout because I didn't get a break this weekend and my husband was gone Friday and Saturday. I want to pout because I have to pay the mortgage instead of filling my closet with the latest in fall fashion. I want to pout because it's going to be 90 degrees all week. I want to pout because it's Monday.....

Whoever took this picture at mom's house....thank-you

I think today, I might have to rock Molly a tiny bit longer than usual before her nap and give her a few extra kisses. I think I'd like to organize, scrub and sort and then, do a little apron wearing. I think I need to stop wanting what I can't have and start enjoying what I do have. Instead of desiring a night out, I'm going to thank God for the quiet time I get with my husband tonight.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


To top off our already amazing weekend, we brought Molly to the zoo! I was really excited to take Molly to the zoo, because she really gets a kick out of animals. Animals, however, aren't always excited about her.

Our first stop was North America.

Most of the animals were in hiding, taking their afternoon naps, and we didn't get to see a whole lot of them.....except for the moose!

Molly was so excited she even said, "Moose!"

Next were my personal favorite, the rhino and elephant. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter how hot it gets in Ohio, these guys are always out and ready to put on a show.

The finger was out in full force the entire afternoon. She would only rest it for water breaks.

Then, we took the Asian Quest.

The aquarium was awesome. We loved the manatees.

I'm not usually a fan of fish, but these were really cool.

I think manatees always look like they could use a hug :)

The last and Big Marsh's fav....

The Polar Bear

 The bears were lounging lazily above water, when we made our way down to the under ground viewing area. Once we made it down, the two bears jumped into the water, creating quite the view!

We covered a heck of a lot of ground in one day and got to see next to all of the exhibits.......but I was a little bit disappointed we didn't get to see any hippos.

We had a great trip and amazing weekend. I loved spending time with my family and can't wait until our next trip!

Oh, and do I even need to mention how sleepy baby was?

Our Weekend Away

After all the laundry, cleaning and packing, I asked Molly if she was ready to go.....

....she grabbed her purse and her baby and ran for the door.

We cozied up in the car and settled in for the long, long drive to Columbus, Ohio.

Road trips are always a little nerve-wrecking, even if it's a little one. I packed all sorts of books, toys and snacks.

When we got to the hotel, Molly found one of the pamphlets and began waving it around madly like she had won the lottery.

Oh, and then came the luggage cart rides.

Our view was so lovely. Nationwide Boulevard.

Once we were all settled in, we headed out to Callahan's for the rehearsal dinner...after all this is a wedding weekend!

The dinner was great and Molly was a trooper, lasting until nine o'clock.

Once we were in the comforts of our cozy room, we snuggled up for storytime.
Saturday morning we awoke bright and usual. After a complimentary breakfast, I managed to motivate myself to take advantage of the hotel's workout room and spent some much needed time on the eliptical. Then we surprised Molly with a morning swim, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, my camera never found its way to the pool, which left this mommy with zero pool pictures. I, however, did get plenty of pictures of my husband and Molly getting ready for the wedding.

She saw her daddy's shiny shoes and decided she wanted to wear her pretty shoes, too. Her feet are getting so big, they actually are starting to fit into the pink pair of heals I bought for her when she was way, way little.

I don't get to see this guy in a tie very often....

Molly was lookin' pretty cute herself....

....Whether she liked it or not.

Yes, these are both mine.

To be continued...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Every artist was first an amateur. ~R. W. Emerson

Earlier today, I had a moment where I felt just like my mom. I've noticed, recently, how much I've been sounding like my mom and doing things I could see my mom doing. But today took the cake. I was watching the news when a clip came on about the bull that jumped into the stands at the bullring and injured forty-some people in Spain. I watched as the bull stomped through people awkwardly trying to find it's way out. I later read about the incident and discovered that the young bull had injured its horn and was bleeding profusely (well no wonder, right?) and had made two previous attempts to jump the fence. The animal was eventually brought under control and killed. In the news cast, they briefly discussed how this incident came amid a tense debate in Spain over the long standing tradition of bullfighting. They spoke about how a part of Spain has even banned the use of the sport. As I'm listening to them talk about all the controversy and how a ten-year old is in critical condition, I yell at the T.V., "Get rid of it!" How eerie it is to hear your own mothers words come out of your mouth.

Thank-you for riding out that roller coaster of a story with me. I hope it was worth it in the end.

In sounding similar to my mom isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just one of those things that makes you think you're there, you're a mom. It's like when you hear the engineer of a locomotive holler, "All aboard!" You know you've begun the journey and there's no stopping the train. Your ticket has been purchased, all necessary items have been packed, and the anxiety of change has more than set in.

Sometimes, I have to take a step back and I realize that I no longer am planning the trip, but the adventure has begun.  And how nice it is!

Instead of planning, I'm enjoying. I'm singing, I'm sewing, I'm reading, I'm laughing and I'm loving!

Oh and fall is coming :)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Morning

I hate it when I take a drink of my coffee, forgetting that I had refilled it, and absolutely burn the crap out of my mouth. Ouch.

Besides scourching my entire mouth, this morning has been relatively nice. After we had awoke and found our way to the kitchen, I looked down at Molly and asked for a hug. She simply reached her arms up towards me and I bent down to receive the sweetest of all morning hugs. She even started patting my back.

When your morning starts with that kind of love, everything is that much better.


Friday, August 13, 2010

The Story

What if we never met?

What if we never fell in love?

Could I have taken a different path?

Would I still have found joy?

Would I still drink in every moment like it was my last?

 Or could there possibly be anything else in the world that I could have loved more than you?

I think not...

I think no matter how we got here, we are suppose to be here. I think no matter what we wanted or what we felt, we were suppose to get to here. If I would have taken a different path, I still would have ended up in this same place. You can call it fate or destiny, but I like to call it happy.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Desperation Hits

I've been up since dawn and have yet to change out of sweats, brush my teeth or eat breakfast. My stomach is begging for some nourishment. Even though Molly has already had enough breakfast to feed an entire daycare center, I plop her into her beloved highchair. After hearing of my sister's engagement, my mind immediately flashed diet, therefore I can't do my usual doughnut dipped in peanut butter topped with Froot-Loops. I might be over exaggerating a bit, but my usual choice of breakfast isn't healthy. Breakfast to me is the sweetest thing I can find in the first cabinet I open. For example, yesterday I found gummy bears.

Today, I bypass the gummy bears (well they were gone so I didn't have a choice) and cracked open an egg, chopped an onion and toasted bread. While trying to do this, I'm also picking up this, giving her that and just trying to keep her happy gosh darn it. Trying to keep her happy in the kitchen is extremely difficult because all she wants is cheese. I regret ever introducing her to the stuff. For some reason, she ended up at my feet under the stove. At some point I must of given up on the safety of the highchair in order to end the whining. I scoop her up under her arm pits and slide her to right and, in an act of desperation, I give Molly the box of honey nut cheerios.

The cheerios box, of course, was a great distraction (completely took her mind off of cheese) and I was able to finish making breakfast. The toaster popped, I slid the egg on the plate and warmed up my coffee.

Before I sat down to eat, I decided to snap a few picture. She just looked so darn cute putting her entire arm into the giant box to pull out a few cheerios. I thought it would make for a great blog post on how desperate I've become and how I'd risk a big mess for a few moments of peace and quiet.

As I go to click the picture, my stupid mouth slips out, "Hey, Molly say cheese!"