Tuesday, August 24, 2010


To top off our already amazing weekend, we brought Molly to the zoo! I was really excited to take Molly to the zoo, because she really gets a kick out of animals. Animals, however, aren't always excited about her.

Our first stop was North America.

Most of the animals were in hiding, taking their afternoon naps, and we didn't get to see a whole lot of them.....except for the moose!

Molly was so excited she even said, "Moose!"

Next were my personal favorite, the rhino and elephant. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter how hot it gets in Ohio, these guys are always out and ready to put on a show.

The finger was out in full force the entire afternoon. She would only rest it for water breaks.

Then, we took the Asian Quest.

The aquarium was awesome. We loved the manatees.

I'm not usually a fan of fish, but these were really cool.

I think manatees always look like they could use a hug :)

The last and Big Marsh's fav....

The Polar Bear

 The bears were lounging lazily above water, when we made our way down to the under ground viewing area. Once we made it down, the two bears jumped into the water, creating quite the view!

We covered a heck of a lot of ground in one day and got to see next to all of the exhibits.......but I was a little bit disappointed we didn't get to see any hippos.

We had a great trip and amazing weekend. I loved spending time with my family and can't wait until our next trip!

Oh, and do I even need to mention how sleepy baby was?

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