Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can we still go swimming if there's a t-storm watch??

Last night's storms left Molly and I feeling a little less than rested....okay, the storms didn't even wake Molly, but I was up all night wondering why the storms weren't waking her up.

Molly's activity level seems to have exploded lately. She's, also, picked up a few new games.

We've been playing peek-a-boo since she was a new born, but now she's playing peek-a-boo with me....I love how she's just so excited she peeks through her little fingers.

Recently, I've been dabbling in a little sewing. I couldn't find the right curtains, in my price range, for the I decided I would try to make them myself. My mother-in-law gave me a sewing machine, which used to be her momma's, so I've been dying to try it out. Of course, if I'm sitting behind the sewing machine, a tape measure is required to be draped around my neck. I guess Molly noticed, because now I keep finding her with ribbons, bra straps and whatever else she can find, around her neck...great. I, however, thought it was really funny when she started putting the plastic bra strap around her wooden, toy tiger.

Another new activity, is the emptying out of the toy basket and "reading" books inside the basket. She's really started climbing in and on everything. She can get up on the couch and kitchen chairs, now. All I do now, is just hover over her, making sure she doesn't fall off this or climb on that...

Yesterday, it was hularious, I was sitting at the desk when Molly came over and set her school bus at my feet. She balanced herself with one hand on my leg and stuck her little foot into the toy. Where she got the idea to do this, I have no idea.

The funniest of all the new games has to be the bouncing on the purple ball game. Another thing that I have no idea where it came from...

After a few tumbles, she decided it would be safer to brace herself.

I can't wait to see what new thing she will learn to do today!


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