Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Weekend Away

After all the laundry, cleaning and packing, I asked Molly if she was ready to go.....

....she grabbed her purse and her baby and ran for the door.

We cozied up in the car and settled in for the long, long drive to Columbus, Ohio.

Road trips are always a little nerve-wrecking, even if it's a little one. I packed all sorts of books, toys and snacks.

When we got to the hotel, Molly found one of the pamphlets and began waving it around madly like she had won the lottery.

Oh, and then came the luggage cart rides.

Our view was so lovely. Nationwide Boulevard.

Once we were all settled in, we headed out to Callahan's for the rehearsal dinner...after all this is a wedding weekend!

The dinner was great and Molly was a trooper, lasting until nine o'clock.

Once we were in the comforts of our cozy room, we snuggled up for storytime.
Saturday morning we awoke bright and early...as usual. After a complimentary breakfast, I managed to motivate myself to take advantage of the hotel's workout room and spent some much needed time on the eliptical. Then we surprised Molly with a morning swim, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, my camera never found its way to the pool, which left this mommy with zero pool pictures. I, however, did get plenty of pictures of my husband and Molly getting ready for the wedding.

She saw her daddy's shiny shoes and decided she wanted to wear her pretty shoes, too. Her feet are getting so big, they actually are starting to fit into the pink pair of heals I bought for her when she was way, way little.

I don't get to see this guy in a tie very often....

Molly was lookin' pretty cute herself....

....Whether she liked it or not.

Yes, these are both mine.

To be continued...

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