Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A chilly morning, labor day weekend and a beautiful September night

Good Morning.

I love the feeling of opening the front door, early in the morning, after days of scorching temperatures, expecting the same, only to receive a cool, fall-is-coming kiss. The cool air refreshes your body like a glass of water. The change is greatly welcomed.

So we grab jackets, hats and mittons and run outside to properly greet fall.

Because, we are excited.

Because, this weather makes me buy magazines with pumpkins on them and the promise of perfect, homemade Halloween costumes for littles stored inside and if you do buy the magazine you will suddenly be granted the powers to construct the perfect Halloween costume.

Because, this weather makes it okay to sip on coffee in the afternoon without having to sit in front of a blowing fan.

Because, it's time to cover toes with striped socks and boots.


Labor Day (a.k.a Lounge Day)

Family Day

I love Labor Day. You celebrate by doing nothing. You spend most of the day in a lawn chair and can correctly celebrate with a beer.

A beautiful September night.

A little shadow running across the grass.

She loves to just run.

And explore.

After a lot of exploring and running in the evening sun, baby birdy is more than willing for a little cuddle time.


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  1. Margaret you are tooooo cute! I love reading this blog :)