Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day of Firsts

First number one.

First day of fall...wee hoo. Okay, that's a bit understated. I'm totally stoked it's fall, so stoked I filled my glass pumpkin jar full of candy corn. I also added a few other autumn decorations around the ole' house.

These are some of my pumpkins.

First number two.

Molly said "Mee-ing." Molly lifted her tiny little paw in the direction of my little sister, Marlene, in an attempt to get her to follow her across the yard and said, "Mee-ing."

Outside of saying momma and daddy, the only other name she has spoken is Marcella (aka Nella). I was a little caught off guard. I didn't think...I didn't realize....she's getting so big.

Immediately, I broke into my awkward proud momma dance and let out a truly delightful squeal. I just wanted to pick Molly up and squeeze the goodness out of her.

I'd like to remember that moment forever. I'd like to remember how she so barely whispered the name, as if she were almost afraid to speak it. I'd like to remember how she looked at me afterward, checking for my approval, making sure she was correct. Oh, how I love her.

I'd like to carry a recorder with me so that I could record everything. I'd like to record every moment so that some day I could play back her sweet tiny voice. But, deep down inside I know it would somehow cheapen the moment. Afterall, a first word is only to be heard but once.


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