Monday, September 13, 2010

Sick Day

I totally believe when you become a mom, you are given extra, magical powers. Powers that give you the ability to know things before fully knowing them. Like knowing your baby has a fever before she even gets up from her afternoon nap.

Baby's fever trumps everything. It doesn't matter how long it took to clean the house for the weekend or how ready you are for a weekend out, if baby gets a fever all things come to a halt. This is when a mommy uses her second magical power; the capability to reduce a fever....which is why I called my mom immediately.

She's actually very excited about the ball and giving it a hug...although the picture portrays the opposite.

Oh, and daddys also get magical powers. Theirs are knowing exactly what to get to make baby feel a big purple ball.

Daddys are also good at reading books to sick babies.

She likes to hug the kitten in her book.

She also prefers to read her books upside down. She's really advance.

The calmness of our house this weekend was an absolute breath of fresh air. It was the calm that comes after the storm of sickness. Her fever had left by noon on Saturday, but by then all plans had been cancelled anyways and the much needed rain pounded the ground all afternoon, preventing any outside work. We were forced to relax, to cuddle with our child and to enjoy the time we had together.

We wore pajama's and blew bubbles on the deck.

And Molly really likes blowing bubbles.

I love her different facial expressions.


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