Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kitchen Redo

We're about as done with the kitchen as we are going to be for awhile (other than a few pieces of trim here and there), so I thought I would show you the before and afters.

When we decided to place an offer on our house, we really didn't realize how much work we were in for. I wanted to get out of our apartment so badly, I suppose I purposefully looked over certain aspects of the house. I knew I didn't like the countertops and cabinet doors from the beginning, but I didn't realize that the cabinets were in such bad shape and horribly unlevel. I also didn't see the dishwasher full of mold! Disgusting, right? I will forever look in every dishwasher in every house we look at. I also decided after about a day in the house that I wouldn't be able to live with the color on the walls. Everything needed a little TLC.

This is the BEFORE

First thing I did was paint and remove all the nasty cabinet doors. They may not look as horrible as they sound in the pictures, but if you saw them in person you'd understand. They were discolored, stained and falling apart. And this is the way the kitchen stayed for almost a year. The project was put on the back burner.

Then began the long process of decision making. Originally, we were going to just reface the cabinets usually unfinished oak doors. Then, we decided just to buy already finished doors. After a little research, we discovered it would be comparable in price to buy all new in-stock cabinetry instead of just the doors. So began the long, long process of getting rid of old and bringing in new.

When we pulled out the base cabinets we discovered the subfloor was damaged because of mold (go figure it was under the dishwasher). After repairing the subfloor, we decided to go ahead and put new flooring down.

Once the cabinets were installed and the flooring done, I ran into another speed bump. I didn't like the color of the walls with the cabinets. They were too similar and the kitchen felt too dark.

So.....I painted....again.

Finally the walls were painted, the countertop installed (only four weeks later!!), water was turned back on and I was a happy momma............are you ready for the after?

We still have to trim the bottom of the cabinets and put in recess lighting (my husband promises he'll put the lights in this fall when the attic is less hot lol) and i'm not completely done with the decorating but for the most part we are done.

Oh, and my favorite part of this new kitchen...the baby hand prints on the new dishwasher :)


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