Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mornings and bathtime

Welcome to our mornings. I love mornings.

In order to enjoy a morning with us, you must first understand how much we enjoy lounging. And I'm talking still pajama wearin', dry cereal munchin', and lots of couch breakin' in, lounging. I believe Molly keeps waking up earlier and earlier just so she can get in more loafing time.

Every morning, for atleast a half hour, Molly just wants to lay in the big bed with me. I'm sure this is because as a newborn she would only sleep on my chest, so I would bring her into bed with  me. But, I don't mind. 

Then when the sunrises, we'll make our way to the livingroom, which is when I bring out the cereal and cups of milk. Molly loves to sit in her rocker and watch Clifford.

Once Clifford is over, lounging shifts to exploration. Today, Molly found an empty whoppers box (last nights snack hehe) and grabbed the colander from the kitchen and proceeded to fill the box with her cereal and then dump the box into the colander.

Mornings go so quickly. I've never been much of a morning person, but with Molly, I can't help but love them now.

Oh....and to help with not so lovely mornings, I have this sucker.

Yes, I finally gave in and got rid of my ancient, 5-cup coffee maker for this turbo, monster of a coffee maker. Oh and my favorite part is the button that reminds you how long it's been sitting there. The only issue I have with it, is that I have to remind myself every morning that just because I can doesn't mean I have to make all 12 cups. :)



My second favorite time of the day.

But, recently, bathtime has changed. Bath's used to be Molly-just-sits-and-smiles-time. Now, baths are see-how-big-of-a-splash-you-can-make-time.

I suppose the more she splashes, the closer I get to have had a shower, so I don't complain.


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