Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful for you

MY family can lounge better than YOUR family....

And our lounge skills are in full force on Thanksgivings.

The older I get, the more I appreciate these family holidays, where everybody is home. I guess they are becoming more and more rare and now that we have to make an effort to be together, it means that much more!

Bunch of logger heads...

New logger head with THE original logger head

Mark, your face doesn't change in any of the pictures!

The Big Marsh reading with Jesus.

Here's to looking forward to Christmas!

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving....

It is so frosty outside. The sky is very gray and the few remaining parked cars scattered down the road look a bit freezer burnt. The trees are bare and not even the hardy-est of mums have color. And if just looking outside doesn't make you believe its freakin' cold, you can check out the 29 degree temperature on the thermostat!

This is the time of year that I do a lot of organizing and cleaning out, mostly because we are stuck inside and can't escape the mess a neglectful summer has left us. I've begun with the closets. Closets are the catch-all in our home, mostly because we don't have a basement to throw everything in. Our bedroom closet is the worst. I have everything from my wedding dress to photo albums in there, on top of both mine and my husbands clothes. I'm on the hunt for some basket organizers to hide the miscellaneous goods, because there just isn't anywhere else to go with all of it. Our hall closet comes in a close second for horrible closets in our home. It was overflowing with huggies boxes full of baby clothes. I bought two huge, durable tubs to transfer the clothes in and store in the attic. It was hard to see all the baby stuff be put into storage, but it freed up the entire closet. I have a hard time with the thought that it might be awhile before I get to pull any of it back out.

I think Molly is getting more use out of this swing now than when she was a newborn.

Of course, I knew when buying each outfit, toy or other baby thing that someday it would be put away and no longer used, but the tiny onesies, bottles and blankets just hurt to look at in a giant, gray tub.  I really have a hard time thinking about taking the crib down or putting the highchair away.

Holidays always make me so emotional. I start thinking about how different my little birdy was last Christmas and then I start thinking about how big she'll be next year and before I know it I'm wiping tears with an oven mitt.

Molly digs play-doh, especially when it's rolled up in a ball for her to through.

Things are just good. When things are good, I fear change.

I am so thankful for every moment I have with her, watching her learn and watching her grow.

Oh and I'm thankful for my camera, so that I can capture her growing and changing and all that stuff.....

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Post

Today is Molly's 17 month birthday! hehe! She's getting so big. When we hold her, we no longer craddle her....more like swing her over a shoulder or attach her to our sides. She feeds herself yogurt and swims in the bath tub. Recently, she has started mimicking everything I say, carefully trying to pronounce different sounds. She colors and tries to count, and absolutely loves climbing and jumping. She's getting into trouble and learning right from wrong. I love her desire to learn.

I think the pig tail, jeans and penguin shirt make her look so big! I am seriously looking forward to watching her grow up!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pre-Holiday Down Time

We're kind of in the gap of the "in-between" right now. It's like the calm before the storm. Right now, we're just enjoying the pajama wearin', coffee sippin', not doing anything days before the crazy weather, family visiting and celebrating all starts.

These tiny, little feet somehow are capable of preventing me from getting anything done.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You can't fool me

I felt a little cheated, not watching the first snow fall of the year, but it was a nice little surprise to wake up too!

It took everything I had not to listen to Christmas music.....I'm trying to wait until atleast Thanksgiving before I open that box.

::New hat::

I think she looks similiar to Little Miss Muffet.

The other day Molly dragged a pack of diapers to the kitchen, jumped off it a few times and then decided to take a rest. Because, you know, diapers make great pillows.

Oh, and If that doesn't blow my mind enough she goes and does this......

Keep your shiny briefcases, important "business meetings," and fancy suit jackets; I'm good.

Besides, I get to read mail and look at magazines on the deck and soak up the last of the warm sun...

Because I love you,

Thursday, November 4, 2010


When she sleeps, she entertains angels...

Each picture is from a different night, while Marshal and I check on her before we go to bed. Although the risk of the flash waking her up is obvious, lately I haven't been able to resist taking her picture while she sleeps. I feel like her crib days are numbered and want to soak up every little bit of baby she has left.

Lots of love for your Wednesday!