Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The snow is falling...

The snow arrived last week....which left me searching the Internet for a birdie size snowsuit.

Molly was only a seven-month old little birdie last year, so we stayed inside for most of the winter. Being confined inside our house all winter long led to a severe case of cabin fever. I'm hoping that being able to let Molly tromp through the snow this winter might ward off any kind of craziness.

I do already miss being able to pull out the swimming pool, entertaining Molly for hours. It was so easy to just sit on the deck in the mornings and let Molly wear herself out before a long afternoon nap. If I needed to run an errand, we could just jump in the car, but now it involves at least a half hour of bundling before we can go or do anything.

Winter takes patience. I really do love the snow and the sweaters and I truly could never live in Florida, but winter takes work to appreciate its fun.

This photo is hilarious, because not only is Molly riding the horse backwards, but she doesn't have a single snap on her overalls snapped!

We finally put the tree up last weekend.

She hasn't left it alone since...

These are a few of my favorite ornaments.

This one has a little more meaning....not just because it's from my baby's first Christmas, but because it was from her grandpa, the last Christmas he was with us.

I originally wasn't going to do anything for St. Nick this year, mostly because she doesn't get it yet and it seems a bit pointless, but mainly because I feel really overwhelmed by Christmas this year and am having a hard time getting in the spirit.

I planned on reading her the story of St. Nicholas, but not the whole stocking thing. Besides what was I going to stuff it with....hummus and carrot sticks? She doesn't eat candy. We, also, don't have a fire place to hang stockings and I worry that if I hang them from a shelf she will try to tug them off....because she likes to do dangerous stuff like that.

But, last minute I grabbed a Thomas the Tank engine toy from Wal-mart (a girl engine) and stuck it in her stocking after dinner. Marshal and I used our excited voices and told her to look in the stocking. Of course, she was super excited, which made it all worth it. After about five minutes of playing, little birdie goes back to the stocking, looks in it and asks, "More?"

17 days until Christmas!

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