Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few things I never want to forget...

***Christmas Eve***

I never want to forget how Christmas has started to feel like Christmas again. I love feeling that excitement. It is truly magical. My little girl didn't fully grasp the whole Santa is coming thing, but she could tell things were different and I could tell she was excited.

I never want to forget how my little Birdy helped me make Christmas cookies by picking out the chocolate chips and popping them into her mouth. I gave in and let Molly eat treats a few too many times this holiday season.

I never want to forget how trying to take a family Christmas picture almost had me throwing the camera out the window. I gave up and resorted to taking a Valentine picture this February and sending it out to friends and family, hoping that in a few months Molly will learn to sit so I can take pictures of her. Here are a few that almost turned out:

Notice the candy cane bribery.....and I never want to forget that either.

I never want to forget how much Molly loved her Christmas dress and the way it fluffed when she sat down and spun around. She thought having a bow on her dress was a pretty big deal.

***Christmas eve with family***

I seriously loved watching these little ones play.  

 Babies are so entertaining!

Molly and Kolby entertained themselves for most of the evening by jumping from a step into the living room. They were so hilarious! Molly was having so much fun she was workin' up a sweat. 

**Christmas Morning**

This year Santa definitely didn't disappoint. There is something so beautiful about seeing the Christmas tree for the first time Christmas morning. I know that sounds very materialistic and that i'm saying gifts are what make Christmas beautiful, but it's beyond that and it's something I really can't explain. It's just nice.

This year we managed to sleep in until 7 am and that was because of Molly. I can remember years ago when we wouldn't even sleep on Christmas eve. It seems like the older my brothers get, the longer they want to sleep in.

I could have taken a million pictures of Molly unwrapping her presents.

I can definitely tell how somethings have changed now that my brothers and sisters are older. A few traditions have expired, but it is exciting to see what new ones are in store for the future as our families grow. 

It was a Merry Christmas!

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