Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Tired.

This morning has been really really rough. I'm trying to come to terms with the overtime my husband is working, I'm trying to deal with the morning sickness and I'm trying to help Molly learn to sleep longer. None of this is happening. I can't deal with my husband not being here in the evenings and on saturdays (let alone Sundays), I can't control morning sickness anymore than I can control the weather and I'm pretty sure the harder I try to get Molly to sleep more the less she ends up sleeping.

She didn't sleep as a two month old, why would I think she'd sleep as a two year old?? So, I'm admitting defeat (for now), turning on Molly's "baby flowers" movie, opening a box of Froot Loops and laying on the couch.

After watching more crazy drama going on at the neighbors house yesterday, I've been doing a little real estate searching. I know when we bought the place that we wouldn't live here forever, but I didn't think I'd be looking around this early. I love my home and don't want to leave it, especially after all the work we've put into it, but there isn't a future for us here and I know my husband is unhappy. Sometimes I seriously wish I could just pick up the house and move it somewhere else. Anybody want to buy an empty lot? Didn't think so...

Between my sleepless daughter and frustrated husband, I'm left feeling a litte restless. Ready for a change, but not willing to give anything up yet. I've never been very good at taking one day at a time....

A few days ago, Molly wanted to wear a towel over her head and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. She likes to wear hats, but I was trying to figure out why she wanted a towel and where she had got it from.

Then I realized, yesterday after I had taken a shower, when I was wrapping my hair up in a towel that she had gotten it from me. Sure enough, later I find her like this!

I knew it had to have come from somewhere! Little do I realize how much she is watching and learning from me.

I just love her so much...
Happy Friday!

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